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Scooter's Choice Cage Disinfectant & Cleaner

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The company marketing Scooter's Choice no longer sells it.  We found the manufacturer and bought the same product without the Scooter's label (generic version), saving you $5.07!

If you'd rather use an all natural, soapless cleaner and avoid required rinsing, see Cage & Toy Wash.

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Scooter’s Choice is a veterinary type disinfectant and cleaner that is pre-mixed for ready use. This product is designed specifically as a general non-acid (non bleach) cleaner and disinfectant for use in homes, schools, veterinary offices, and institutions where housekeeping is of prime importance in controlling cross contamination.

Good habitat hygiene is a crucial element of keeping captive exotics, like sugar gliders. When used as directed, Scooter’s Choice will eliminate a wide range of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Some of the organisms eradicated by this product include salmonella, parvovirus, E-coli, hepatitis and many, many more.

If it is animal odor you are concerned with, Scooter's Choice is only one part of the solution; you may want to take a look at Clean+Green Odor Neutralizer for on the spot odor removal and Sugar Glider Dry Shampoo for keeping your suggie's coat smelling sweet.

According to the label directions, the manufacturer recommends the removal of all filth and soil prior to the application of the product. Then the area to be cleaned should be generously sprayed with the solution, allowing the product to penetrate and remain wet for 10 minutes (no scrubbing will be necessary). Finally, the product should be wiped off with a clean cloth, mop or sponge and it will not leave grit or soap scum.  However, this is not exactly how we use this product at SunCoast.

Scooter’s Choice is recommended for use on exam tables, garbage pails, walls, floors or anything else that animals may come into contact with in a vet’s office environment.  But we are using the product specifically to keep cages and accessories clean.  In other words, we are cleaning surfaces that sugar gliders will come into constant contact with, not just occasional contact.

So here at SunCoast, we do rinse the product off well.  As it is our practice to clean our cages outdoors, we spray the cage down with Scooter’s Choice and then rinse thoroughly with water. According to the manufacturer’s directions, rinsing is only required in areas that come in direct contact with food.  In spite of this, our theory is that sugar gliders will jump, run and crawl around the whole cage and then eat with their hands - so we strongly recommend you rinse the cage down thoroughly!  Because it is the nature of our busy little gliders to get their hands into everything, please don’t take any chances with this or any other cleaning product.

In particular, there are three features that we especially like about Scooter's Choice above other products that we have tried (and we have tried a lot of them!)  First, it kills more bad stuff than typical household cleaners that can be purchased at the grocery, Wal-Mart, PETsMART, etc.  Second, it’s already pre-mixed.  Bleach will certainly do the job, but you have to dilute it.  And if you use too much bleach in the mixture, you will increase the rate of cage corrosion; alternately, if you use too little bleach in the mixture, you will not effectively kill all the bad stuff you are out to eradicate. And phew, what about that gnarly bleach smell?!  Which brings us to the third feature of Scooter’s Choice we like a lot - it has a natural pleasant smell that won’t knock you out! Using caustic chemicals like bleach can be scary and potentially dangerous to our critters.

Once your cage and accessories have been thoroughly cleansed, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to keep them cleaner until your next scheduled big cleaning?  Well, now you can!  There is a product that can be used in conjunction with Scooter’s Choice as a preventative measure to help alleviate the problem of dirty buildup between cleanings in your glider's cage.  We recommend that you use it in tandem with Scooter's Choice.  It's called Cage Shield and to read more about it, click here.  If you're in a cleaning situation where thoroughly rinsing the cage is not an option, you should consider using Cage & Toy Wash instead of Scooter's.

Remember, we recommend that any cleaning or disinfecting product should be rinsed off well before placing your critters back in their domain.  Sugar gliders are so small that we never want to take a chance with them ingesting even the slightest amount of any chemical!

  • Weight 2 lbs (1 quart)
  • Size: 12" high, 10.5" diameter
  • Description: Active Ingredients: n-Alkyl (60%C14, 30%C16, 5%C12, 5%C18) dimethyl benzyl ammonium chlorides - 0.105% n-Alkyl (68%C12, 32%C14) dimethyl ethylbenzyl ammonium chlorides - 0.105% Inert Ingredients: - 99.790% Total: - 100%

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