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Sugar Glider Stuffed Animal

We are so excited to introduce this handsome new stuffed version of our favorite little marsupial!  Designed exclusively by your friends here at SunCoast, this li'l plush guy is our official Arnold T. Schwarzenglider action figure.  This sugar glider stuffed animal has all the detailed markings of a sugar glider and looks much more like the real thing than sugar glider plush available elsewhere.  


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The reason is this: the eyes, ears, and tails of real sugar gliders are larger in proportion to the head and body than similar animals.  To make a realistic looking plush glider, you have to change the way the manufacturer normally puts together a plush toy; otherwise the toy ends up looking more like a cat or (shudders) a rodent!  It took some doin', but we finally made it happen:

* Size is similar to a mature sugar glider

* Realistic glider facial profile with tapered nose eliminates the "cat face" look you get with many plush toys

* Dark-rimmed eyes are huge relative to the face (like a real glider) and really pop as a central facial feature.  No beady little rodent eyes around here - yuk yuk yuk!

* Likewise, the big pointy ears are also large in proportion to the face

* Realistic long tail - longer than the body, like a real sugar glider

And, get this!  There's a wire in the tail so you can pose the tail or use it to hold leaves or branches, just like a real glider does when making a nest.

Or, you can hang your plush glider from it's tail, just don't tell any real gliders about it - real gliders don't hang from their tails!

The nose and feet are constructed of pink felt with undetectable stitching.  The gliding membrane is gray across the top and ivory underneath.  If you didn't know better, you might actually mistake this critter for the real thing!  At any moment, this suggie may jump off the page and glide right into your home!  

If you already own a real glider, what a fun way to display your favorite Aussie pet on a work station or a desk!  Some SunCoast employees have been seen driving around town with one hanging from the rearview mirror - honestly, this sugar glider is the only one we know who doesn't mind getting a little sun in his eyes!

The plush fur coloring includes gray across the top, with ivory along the face and underside.  A long black stripe travels from the area between the eyes to just above the base of the tail.  We especially like the characteristic glider traits, like the side gliding membranes and little feet with webbing between toes!  And the wire inside the tail that lets you wrap it around anything - just imagine how cute he'll look hanging from a wall hook, purse strap, or even a Christmas tree branch!  And although it seems like all these extra features should really cost more, this little guy is actually less expensive than others you may have seen!

Made of a high quality, non-allergenic and flame retardant polyester fiber, just imagine how fun this item will be for a child!  Now your child can have his or her very own sugar glider to carry on a shoulder or inside a bonding pouch.  This stuffed sweetie is just slightly larger than the real thing, with a body length of 5 inches and a long 7-inch tail.

If you are still undecided about purchasing a real sugar glider, we encourage you to take your time and do the research before you buy one.  Meanwhile, how about this little cutie instead?  We suggest real sugar gliders be kept in groups of two or more, but the plush toy can be kept singly with no worry of it getting lonely.  We think it may just be the most exotic stuffed animal you own!

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