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Sugar Gliders Gliding

Arnold's Note: 'me gliding membrane is called the patagium.

We're not sure where this is going either (just look at what happened to the Sugar Glider Art page) but if there's more gliding shots out there, let's have 'em and see which one is the best! Arnold

ziggy.jpg (7401 bytes)
Libby Started it All Ziggy from the U.K.

artglide1.jpg (26389 bytes)

artglide2.jpg (17696 bytes)
Arthur Takes Off,
Leaving Kitty Behind
Arthur Glides In
for A Landing!

spiderglide.jpg (4747 bytes)

glide.jpg (37711 bytes)
Watched Spider-Man
movie too often
Hope is heading right
for the camera!

supermarble.jpg (7281 bytes)
yoda.jpg (6344 bytes)
Super Marble! Yoda Glides away!

morgan-gliding.jpg (15919 bytes)
HaloGliding.jpg (12052 bytes)
Morgan takes to the air! Halo puts a glide on...

winging.jpg (18750 bytes)
Winging It!

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