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GliderVet # 43: Katrina - What Can WE Do?

This Month in the GliderVet Newsletter

Welcome to the September 2005 edition of the GliderVet Newsletter! Greetings All! This newsletter has morphed into something quite different from what we originally intended to bring to you this month.

You may have noticed we didn't get out an August 05 Newsletter. Why? Same reason we didn't do a September 04 Newsletter - hurricanes. I was working on the August Newsletter when Katrina hit.

Like many of you, my last two weeks have been preoccupied doing whatever I can do to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Whenever natural disaster strikes, it is an event that always pulls at our heartstrings and in this case, there were many faces that too many of us across the country are directly connected to. Even if the face is that of Brett Favre, Hurricane Katrina has touched so many in a profoundly personal way.

The idea behind this newsletter offering has evolved quite a bit over the last two weeks. As I discussed my personal thoughts and ideas with others within our sugar glider community, I learned new facts about just how connected we all really are.

This is a tremendous time of growth, outreach and support and I am honored to share this platform with at least three other breeders who all have deep roots in New Orleans. The four of us have made a commitment to work together and challenge the glider community and other sugar glider breeders to join us in fundraising for the victims of this major tragic event.

As I discussed the idea of “What can WE do?”, several ideas for some very special auctions evolved. To kick off this fundraising event, four breeders have donated rare colored sugar gliders, with all proceeds going to Hearts With Hands. But before I share the details of the actual fundraiser, I will share some of the personal stories of the four participating breeders and the organization that will be responsible for disbursing the funds raised.

Susan and Cliff Schoeffler are the owners of Flying Fur Ranch. Susan was born and raised in New Orleans and met her husband, Cliff, while a student at LSU in Baton Rouge. They now reside in Pearland, TX and have opened their home to five evacuees direct from Orleans Parish. Susan has made a very generous donation of a female sugar glider joey named Stella. Stella is white face het to creamino beauty queen. Market value for Stella is $2700.00! Stella will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Read on for more details.

Priscilla Price of The Pet Glider is also a resident of Texas with deep roots in New Orleans. In Priscilla’s words “My father was born in New Orleans and my mother was born in a little town just outside the city. All of my relatives either live in New Orleans or in the surrounding areas. I just found out that my cousin and her husband lost their home and everything in it. Some people just don’t know yet what they will find." Priscilla has generously donated an adorable little white face male joey named Bojangles. Market value for Bojangles is $450.00. To find out how you can become Bojangles' new pet human, read on!

Our third breeder donation comes from none other than me! I was also born and raised in New Orleans and now reside in the other hurricane prone state of Florida. If you recall, we shared the story of our harrowing experience of four consecutive hurricanes with you this time last year. But our story does not even compare to the devastation of what has happened with Katrina. My mother and brother have both been lifelong residents of Orleans Parish. And while we do not yet know the status of their homes, we have a strong feeling that their homes may be completely lost. They will not know what they are dealing with until some time in October, which is when it is expected that residents will be allowed to return to the area briefly to assess damage.

My sister lived in Metairie, which is right outside of New Orleans and has already been able to return to her home briefly to salvage what little she could. She had five feet of water in her home but had the good sense to put her keepsakes and special treasures up high and in the attic, so was able to salvage a significant number of her memories. Whether or not the home can actually be salvaged is not yet known. Fortunately, my whole family evacuated well ahead of the storm making landfall, so I am grateful they are safe and well. But I am concerned that there are many families that have truly lost everything and these are the people we are focused on helping now.

My contribution to this fundraiser is a 2-year old white faced blonde female glider named Beignet. While she is not of the super duper fancy lineage of Susan’s donation, Beignet is the offspring of a half sister to the creamino line and the most exotic glider that I presently keep. She’s a rather chubby girl (will do anything for mealies) and even has a wee bit of attitude, but I love her dearly and hope she will bring as much joy and pleasure to her new home as she has to me. Beignet will be auctioned with the details to follow here soon.

I knew prior to Katrina’s arrival that I shared some common roots with Susan and Priscilla, but what I didn’t know is that another prominent breeder also has deep ties to New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. In the process of discussing possible fundraising ideas, I had the opportunity to speak to Sheila of To and Fro Gliders and Judie of My Little Gremlins.

I will now share excerpts of emails from Sheila.

“Hey girl, where do you think I am from? Actually born and raised in Jackson, Miss, but my grandmother and grandfather lived, fell in love and married in NO. My grandmother's mother was French and she was raised there. My grandfather owned a pastry shop in the French Quarter. My grandmother walked in the pastry shop and my grandfather said, "That is the girl I am going to marry". He was 17 and she was 15 and a year later, they ran away from that mother of hers and got married. I had an ancestor named Charles Saucier - a famous city official there. I think he was a judge. His house was one of the 100 year old ones on tour. I have roots way deep in the south. Maybe the 2nd month should be the "Midwest Digging Deep. My Dad was Gaming Commissioner for the State of Miss for 8 years - retired last year. We feel a great loss for the casinos being lost for the people there.”

Soooooo......all you other breeders out there, listen up! I think Sheila just presented a challenge to the whole glider community and has promised to come up with her own special contribution for next month’s newsletter to keep the momentum going in raising money for Katrina victims. The losses suffered will take years to overcome, so don’t expect this newsletter to be the last mention of our plea for our wonderful sugar glider community to help.

Sugar Glider breeders and sugar glider product vendors, please contact me directly at if you wish to be part of what we hope becomes a very large and significant fundraising event. Let's get creative and find ways to be more generous than we have ever been before!

OK, before we get to the rules of this month’s fundraisers, let me briefly share with you some information regarding the organization that we’ve chosen as the beneficiary of our group efforts. The organization is Hearts With Hands, Inc a 501c3 IRS registered non-profit corporation. You can get an independent analysis of them and the work they do by clicking here.

The criteria we considered in choosing an organization was simple. We wanted an organization with experience in disaster relief, where 100% of the proceeds would go directly to the care and needs of the victims of Katrina! Hearts with Hands privately funds all of their administrative costs, so every single penny we send to them will go directly to the people who need the help! I'm a "designated fundraiser on their behalf"; you can call the organization and speak to the development director Tom Pethtel about my commitment.

'Nuff said about that, now for the fun part! Let’s lay out the rules for auctioning these beautiful colored gliders. We will auction one glider a week with bidding starting on Thursday and ending on Sunday:

Auction: Sugar Glider Bojangles, from The Pet Glider:

White face male joey - click here for picture
Market Value $450
Auction bidding will start at $200
Bidding Start: 9/15/2005 - that's TODAY, folks!
Bidding End: 9/18/2005
To bid, send e-mail to:
Sorry, no longer available.

Auction: Sugar Glider Beignet, from SunCoast Sugar Gliders:

Two-year old female white face blonde - click here for picture
Market Value $600
Auction bidding will start at $300
Bidding Start: 9/22/2005
Bidding End: 9/25/2005
To bid, send e-mail to:
Sorry, no longer available.

Auction: Sugar Glider Stella from Flying Fur Ranch:

White face female het to creamino - click here for picture
Market Value $2700
Auction bidding will start at $1500
Bidding Start: 9/29/2005
Bidding End: 10/2/2005
To bid, send e-mail to:
Sorry, no longer available.

Now keep in mind folks that we are not exactly set up like eBay, so we will have to manually advise all bidders of the current bid price for these very special gliders. Send your bid amount via email and each day between 5PM EST and 8PM EST, we will advise all bidders of the current high bid, giving you an opportunity to increase your bid.

We ask that you increase your bid increments by $25.00 per bid. You may also instruct us to bid on your behalf up to a specified maximum (a great idea we’re borrowing from eBay). In addition to the final bid price, you can expect to pay an additional $140 - $180 to cover shipping costs, if shipping is necessary. (sorry, gliders are no longer available)

Also, realize that any amount paid in excess of the fair market value of this sugar glider becomes a tax deduction! This is an extremely rare opportunity to have the joy of being owned by one of the few sugar gliders in the world of this lineage and variation. If I wasn’t already sending all my extra money to family right now, you best believe that I would personally be bidding on this one!

Now for the bad news. This newsletter is now received in over 70 countries, but the auctions are only available to those in the Continental US and in legal states only, as we do not have the wherewithal to ship these animals overseas.

And while we can’t offer great prizes to our overseas subscribers, we do hope that you can still help with the disaster relief project. Anyone who wishes to send a donation only may do so by going to the Hearts with Hands web site:

and clicking on the PayPal Donate at the upper left.

Or, you can mail a check / money order to:

Hearts With Hands, Inc.
PO Box 6444
Asheville, NC 28816

Please note when donating you heard about their worthy Katrina efforts from Lisa at SunCoast Sugar Gliders.



And stay tuned because not only we will be offering some new opportunities for auctions, we will also get back to the topic of an in-depth review of a sugar gliders' dietary needs. Arnold has been flappin' at the pantagium to tell you his thoughts on Dr C’s three course meals! There should be food to eat, food to throw, and food to waste! Coming up next month...

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