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GliderVet # 100: SunCoast's 100th Edition! Newsletter Searches & Category Listings. The Best of Dear Arnold?!

This Month in the GliderVet Newsletter

Greetings Glider Groupies, Glider Newbies and Glider Wanna-bes! Welcome to the July 2010 edition of the GliderVet News.

It's hard to believe we've already reached the 100th edition of our GliderVet Newsletter! SunCoast was the first to offer an education-based newsletter for the glider community. We are devoted to helping further sugar glider education, and raising the standards amongst sugar glider breeders and other sales organizations. But without the support of our customers and the sugar glider community, this milestone would not be possible. So with much gratitude and humility, we celebrate YOU for your continued loyalty and patronage over the last 8-1/2 years!

Glider lovers are extremely dedicated to learning how to keep their furry friends happy and healthy. From the get go, we've received tons of questions on everything from nutrition, habitats, toys, bonding, glider characteristics, and everything in between! With this being our 100th newsletter, we've built up quite a large archive, addressing most of the frequently asked questions about gliders. While our newsletter archive is searchable (more about that below), we've now created a summarized category of topics across all newsletters to help newer folks navigate the information.

We also thought it would be fun to share a few popular Dear Arnold columns from the first 99 newsletters. So check out lots of great customer questions, eloquently answered by Arnold below!

Before glidin' in, be sure to check out Arnold's special 100th edition toy for under $5! It's a cute, colorful toy he calls the Wagon Wheel. We're not sure, but we think Arnold's been watching old re-runs of Little House on the Prairie again...

Lastly, SunCoast is exited to offer a new addition to the Sugar Glider Naturals' line called Cage and Toy Wash. Made from 100% safe, natural plant extracts, this cleaner is a totally new concept in cleaning. Completely soap-free and rinse-free, this state-of-the-art cleaner also helps keep items from acquiring that "lingering glider odor". Here at the Sugar Shack, we call it the "gentle giant" because it's safe enough to clean baby nurseries and pet food bowls (the "gentle" part), but is a powerful green, clean machine (the "giant" part). And its cumulative effects help prevent odors from becoming embedded in your habitat items.

Please remember that this newsletter is intended to express the wishes of the whole sugar glider community. Every article published in this newsletter is a result of someone just like you taking the time to write us with thoughts, ideas, stories and questions. Send your comments to us here.

If you ever want to find earlier issues of GliderVet News, you can access our archives here. Fun pics of sugar gliders sent in by our customers are found here. If you are looking for sugar glider tested and approved products, check out our ever expanding store here.

Are you new to sugar gliders or just in the early stages of trying to decide if one is right for you? Questions you can ask yourself to help make this very important and long term decision are here.

A very confusing area for those considering glider ownership (and for some current owners too!) is diet. See what our vet has to say here. And if you decide that a sugar glider (or two!) would become future members of your household, then you might want to check out Arnold's great deals on starter kits, with or without cages.

Newsletter Searches & Category Listings
by Lisa

If you don't already know, you can search our newsletter archive for any sugar glider topic that's burning a hole in your head. Enter a topic into the search box, and only the text containing your particular topic will be returned. This allows you to review only the newsletters with your topic of interest.

For added convenience, especially for folks who may not know how to search for some topics (don't know what they don't know) all newsletters are now also grouped by the following categories:

Food & Nutrition
Sugar Glider Traits, Characteristics & Personalities
Information for New Glider (or Potentially New) Owners
Cage / Habitat
Adopting or Rescuing abandoned / orphaned gliders

on this page for quick and easy reference.

So if you have questions on a particular subject, such as "bonding", now you can view only those newsletters pertaining to that topic. We'll update this list as we publish more material.

Now, on to Arnold's favorite questions you have submitted over the past 8+ years! And Arnold's wisecrackin' answers, of course...
100th GliderVet Newsletter Edition: DEAR ARNOLD Favorites
by Arnold

Dear Arnold,

How easy is it for gliders to escape from their cage? I know I locked the cage last night, but this morning they were out running around having a great time while my family slept. Are gliders really so clever?

Flushing NY
Dear Tina,

And to all me friends in Flushing … a town that sets the American Standard! Nyuk nyuk nyuk. Are gliders clever? Do da fish swim in the da sea? Do da birds fly in da sky?

YES! We are very clever. But obviously you knew that or you would not be writing to a sugar glider! We’ve had many gliders here nicknamed Houdini (even babies too)! Batten the hatches boyz and girlz, cuz if yer habitat is not fortified, you will have jailbreaks. I’ve done it meself … that is why I’m the main man product tester here. If it can be escaped from, broken, mis-used or generally destroyed … I’m the man for da job!

Your pal Arnold
Dear Arnold,

I bring my bird out to my sun room to bask each day… would my gliders like that too?

Dear Anon,

Me not sure me understands your question???? Are you asking if your gliders would like the sun or like your bird?

As creatures of the night, sun tanning is not very high up on our list of things to do! Now bask me in the glow of the big full moon, and me is happy as a didgeridoo. And would me and me pals like to bask in the presence of a bird? Hmmmm …. Only before dinner! We think birds are DA-licious! My idea of a romantic evening is a bit of finch a- la-mode under the soft glow of the moon.

Liiiiiiissssssaaaaaaaa! Could I have fresh bird for dinner tonite?

Lisa: NO Arnold! You've never had live bird and you never will! You know birds have feelings too! How about some canned chicken from Sam's Club?

OK! Thanks Lisa! And thanks Anonymous for your yummy question.

Dear Arnold,

Now that my baby sugar gliders are full grown, do I have to replace their baby food, etc. with cooked meat for protein or can I just continue to give them protein as I did when they were babies?

G'Day Nat!

Methinks real protein like chicken and mealies and crickets are much better than mushy protein in a jar overall. Ya gotta look at the 'gredients IN it .. that's why they call it "IN"gredients. Ya might find that the protein 'gredient in baby food stuff not as much as the protein 'gredient in real food. It's OK for a now and then, but give some of the other stuffs too. My mommy tree actually gives us very little of the baby food and yogurt anymore, much to me displeasure. These are, after all, the funnest foods to throw on the wall!

Yours truly,
Arnold Da "Finger Flinger"
Dear Arnold,

I use a Wodent Wheel Jr. because the Wodent Wheel Sr. won’t fit in my glider’s cage, but I really want a Nail-O-Matic. What can I do?

Dear Joe,

Holy wombat! Methinks I have an easy solution fer ya! Buy your suggies a bigger cage! Methinks any cage not big enough for a Wodent Wheel Sr. is probably too small for your glider. The smallest cage we recommend is 36 in x 30 in x 18 inches and a WW Sr. fits in there with no problemo!

Yours truly,
A T. Schwarzenglider, the “resident” expert
Dear Arnold,

My sugar gliders like quite a variety of fruits, but I can’t seem to get them to eat any vegetables. What is your favorite vegetable?

Picky Eaters Mom
Dear P.E. Mom!

My fave veggie is sweet potater!

Hey Arnold, Lisa here: Are you eating a sweet potato now?

Yes, I Yam! Yuk yuk yuk yuk. And hey P.E. - you should try sweet potaters for your suggies and maybe you will find your efforts no longer “fruit”less …. hehehehe

Arnold Potato Head
Dear Arnold,

I have been having problems getting my male glider to eat anything with protein except yogurt. Now I know he needs more but he will not touch eggs or crickets. He won’t even touch the chicken or beef I put in his cage. Is there anything that is high in protein that I could try to tempt my little guy with?

Worried in ILLINOIS
Dear Worried,

Hmmm .... another food question! Well, we don't want your little glider to not be as big and strong as he should be, so let me make a few suggestions fer ya. You just might have to trick him! Yup ... the trick to it all is to trick him! My Mommy has had to trick me before, but all in all I'm a pretty good eater. Here's the scoop. If he really likes yogurt, sneak stuff in his yogurt that has more protein ... like chicken or turkey baby food, or boiled eggs all mashed up.

Have you ever offered him some mealworms or boiled chicken? Most little suggies just can't control themselves in the presence of good worm and chicken apertif! Sometimes though, the suggies don't know how to eat the mealworms or crickets and they might need someone to show them, like another glider or a human bean. Don't want to sound gross, but you might have to expose the guts for your little guy ... and believe me, once he gets the hang of it, then it could become one of his favorite things! Other ways to trick him is to find other things he does like to eat like applesauce (and different flavors are good) and do the same thing me suggested for the yogurt ... mix it up or blend it in a blender!

Love, Chef Arnold
Dear Arnold,

While bonding, I want to do most of it when they are sleepy or sleeping (especially when they do that thing where they stand
on their back legs and crab). One web site said to completely leave them alone when they do that.

Dear Steve-O,

You asked me opinion so here it is! Ignore the website that says ignore the gliders! Now think about this me friend. Us suggies aren’t capable of emotions like hate or dislike! We tends to feel more things like trust, fear, love, fear, attachment, fear …gets me drift?! Yer suggies are SCARED of you! So if you ignore them, then who’s doing any bonding? Methinks no one!

So when they stand on back legs and start crabbing, just remember they are scared of you. If you just ignore them when they behave that way, then they are learning they can keep you (the big scary human) away by acting like that! So if you want to make friends, then comfort those scared little babies and they'll come to trust you!
Happy Bonding!

Your friend, Arnold
Dear Arnold,

I take my gliders out during the day a lot just to hold them and love them. Sometimes their hair looks funny. It’s kind of flat and sticking up kinda weird like. But at night, they look like their typical fuzzy and well-groomed selves. I know that I’ve read that the fur can be a sign of health problems. Any ideas what is going on here?

Bad Hair in Baltimore
Dear Bad,

Hehehehehe ….. I think me may know what’s up. Meself is a victim of pouch hair. This is the sugar glider version of what methinks you hoomans call bed head. See, I sleeps amongst three other fuzzbutts whose butts are significantly larger than meself. And I prefers to sleep on the bottom cause it’s the warmest and coziest there. So if me beauty sleep is disturbed in the middle of the day, I haven’t had time to grooms meself and tend to not look quite as hansome as I do in the evening, when I always looks terrific!

Anywho, you right about the look of the fur being a good sign to tell how your suggie is feeling, but if they look good at night, they probly all right … now this is what I want you to do! Forget to close the cage door tonite, and let yer fuzzies come dive bomb you at about 3AM! That’s high party time for us and when we are looking best! Then I want you to run to one of those shiny things that makes you able to see yersef (a mirror?) and take a good long look at your head fur …. Pretty? Methinks not! Bad hair days can affect the best of us!

Your groovin and groomin glider pal,

Dear Arnold,

My husband and I have two precious Suggies (Tutter and Mayzee). I, like some other glider parents, work during the day and needed a way to play with the gliders safely in the evening. We went to Walmart, like Lisa suggested, and bought a junior camping tent. It was pretty inexpensive and it fits in our spare bed room. Tent time has really paid off for my gliders and I. The tent was really helpful when I introduced my new female (Mayzee) to my male (Tutter). The tent gave us a neutral location and both of the gliders were able to explore on their own in a safe environment. It has really paid off during the bonding experience with Mayzee. She was very scared and aggressive when I first brought her home and now she is comfortable climbing on and around me.

Now that I have had my gliders for awhile we get in the tent and they really use me as their tree. They run around and play with their feather teaser and get sweet treats from the Mommy tree. I must add though, when guests come to home they find it quite amusing that I have a tent set up in my spare bedroom and find it even more amusing that I hang out in the tent with my gliders and watch TV in the evenings. Oh well such is life!

Carrie C.
Dear Carrie,

We’ve received just oodles and oodles of emails from lots of humans that have stories so similar to yours, but I liked how you said Mommy tree, so I decided to share your story with the world. It’s a known fact that famblies that play together are happy famblies and
"going camping” is a great healthy activity …. even if its just indoors!

Your buddy, Arnold
Dear Arnold,

I often take my gliders into the bathroom to play. Of course, I stop up all the drains and close the toilet lid first! My young male glider, Creeper, thinks it's great fun to run on the toilet paper roll. We call it the "glider treadmill!"

Dear Jamie,

Great Scott! That sounds like so much fun … What a Charmin story! Keep havin' fun and let the good times roll. Yuk yuk yuk!

Luv Arnold
Dear Arnold,

It has been brought to my attention (and my "hooman's") that you are now offering a stuffed sugar glider for purchase. We're concerned. Please tell us that a distant relative has not been slaughtered in the name of fun. We's just a tad bit worry-ed. Mom works hard on the whole glider safety issue and we's wants to make sure this is a real toy. Arnold, is there any fambly resemblances? Please respond, as I can't sleep until I know we're all safe in our snuggly beds....

The Grinch and his mom, Charie
Dearest Grinch and Charie Hooman,

Yukity yukity yuk! Methinks the Arnold T Schwarzenglider action figure strikes a remarkable resemblance to me .... Xcept he's a lot bigger than me ... but otherwise looks just like me … Xcept he has all four feet ... he’s got my handsome good looks …. Xcept his eyes are always open ... and his fur is not nearly as silky as mine ... and I think that we both just appeared into the world one day .. Xcept I was born in a pouch he was born in sumptin' called a factry .... but I'm glad you thought he was so lifelike that ya had to write me. Can't believe I fooled you, Grinch! Yuk yuk yuk!

Luv, Arnold

In closing this 100th newsletter, we thank you again for your support throughout the years. We look forward to providing continued education, along with quality products, to enhance the lives of your furry friends (and yours too) for another 100 months!

'Til next time, in good health for you and your gliders, we sign off in appreciation of all of you who share great glider adventures with us!

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