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GliderVet #144: Emergency Supply Kits

Emergency Supply Kits
Things are heating up; not just outside, but here at SunCoast as well. I really strive hard to try and bring you a glimpse into glider news, educational issues, husbandry, ideas, and hopefully loads of fun in the process. This month we have a little bit of all of these things for you.

I have a special announcement this newsletter concerning our sugar glider exchange page. It was very important to me, as a breeder that we offer an outlet for people who found it necessary to re-home their sugar gliders. I also have very strong feelings about gliders never being kept alone, and the sugar glider exchange has proven to be very successful over the years in assisting with both of these goals.

Now that I am no longer breeding sugar gliders, these issues are still important to me, however the sugar glider exchange is being discontinued. One of the reasons I set up a brand new website is because this website works more like a Wordpress platform versus a platform that requires programming skills to operate. When I was in college I took two computer programming classes. One in Cobal and one in Fortran! I bet a lot of you have never even heard of these.

It is at the deepest part of my heart to continue and expand community outreach and to help provide services in the best way I can. But I don’t know programming and there are things I can do via my website and SunCoast Sugar Gliders that will greatly benefit the community (with the support of you all, certainly).

So while we say goodbye to the Sugar Glider Exchange, let’s say hello to a new program that has been born. This new program is an Emergency Vet Fund and while it is in its infancy, we have started our fundraising efforts already. I’ve been working closely with an independent group of community members through our SunCoast Testers Group and this was an idea that came up in the group. The members have elected a board which includes three individuals that will oversee the growth, nurturance, and execution of this new venture. As details become available and the program is better developed, you can bet your bippy that I’ll keep you all in the loop.

All I know is the first part of fundraising is raising funds and hopefully having a great time in the process. Our group has developed this new product that is high quality, awesomely unique, fairly priced and something that any animal lover would love to have. Please help us launch this in a big way. As a community we can make a difference!

Vet Fund Raiser – No Evil Mug

I have set up a special category as we do anticipate adding quite a few products to this program called Emergency Vet Fund. Please share this information to all of your animal lover friends. While the vet fund is going to be restricted to qualified sugar glider emergencies only, it is a great cause and with your support, we can make it happen!


Another project on the drawing board, and soon to be announced is FREE ADVERTISING for small breeders. I still get a lot of calls and emails from folks looking for sugar gliders, so I’m putting together a program to directly help small breeders by sending prospective glider parents their way. So be sure to keep an eye out for future newsletters and/or join us on FaceBook …. Suncoastsugargliders. Yup, that would be with no spaces.

And now for Arnold aka Chief Sitting Bull (Squat) in his editorial column...








Arnold T Schwarzenglider

Me wonders if clouds ever look down on us and say, hey look, that one is shaped like a poodle! Just sayin.

Big buddies, methinks a lot of you are missing out on yer power of choice. Recently me issued a directive at SunCoast Sugar Gliders that anyone who buys stuff from me little ole store get’s a free gift! At least half of you are not choosing yer gift! Just sayin...

Tis NOT optional. Cuz if Arnie wants to give you a present, yer going to get a present! Just sayin…

Soooo Cupcake, choose or me will choose fer ya! Got it! Just said!

All me presents are human grade edible, except the ZooKeeper’s Secret and the Rang Thangs! So pick something you want, cuz me might gift you a gift you don’t likey so much, then yer just gonna re-gift it! Just sayin...

And now, heeeeere’s me Lisa! What you got to say, Toots?

Emergency Care Kits

We surveyed the community and the survey says.....

Let’s start with the question. What items do you keep on hand for your sugar glider emergency care kit?

A funny thing happened when I moved from Florida to Texas. My people emergency kit didn’t make it to through the move, and sometimes we don’t realize a thing is missing until we really need it and can’t find it. Fortunately I had my animal emergency kit intact and one of those items came in very useful. More on that in a moment.

Essential items we endorse that you keep in an emergency supply kit are:

Syringes. These are really the only viable way I’ve found to hand feed sugar gliders and give medications. If your gliders have the potential to have babies, be sure to have syringes on hand because you will need them right away in the event of orphaned or abandoned joeys. Syringes are also recommended for use in giving oral medications. Your vet is quite likely able to supply you with a syringe if an oral medication is prescribed, but we recommend keeping them on hand, in case of emergency.

Kwik Stop or some similar product to stop bleeding. This is especially useful if you still trim your glider nails the old fashioned way. Our patented Nail O Matic is the easy way to maintain this task, and even with that, sometimes you need an initial nail trimming. Sugar gliders who’s nails curl under are the most common candidates for needing a manual nail trimming before use of the Nail O Matic. I have three black dogs and my old lady dog doesn’t run enough to keep her nails down, and last time I trimmed them, it was a blood bath. Thank goodness for products that stop bleeding instantly. Flour, corn starch and baking soda will work as well if you make a paste, but who wants to stop to make a paste if you have a bleeding situation?

Guaze. Cheap and useful for so many things and other household items like paper towels, napkins and toilet paper can leave paper residue in a wound.

Bottled water. I don’t use anything but bottled water ever for my sugar gliders. However, a lot of people do use tap water and if a water warning is put out and you have to boil the water before use, having a few gallons of bottled water around can be very helpful for not just your sugar gliders, but you too!

Canned food. There are a lot of reasons why someone may have to evacuate and do it quickly. While hurricanes often are preceded by warnings, I can promise you from personal experience that you don’t want to be standing in long lines to get your animals food needs met in case of evacuation. You WILL have too many others things to take care of. There are a lot of other events that can require immediately access to food like wildfires, next door neighbor’s house on fire, earthquakes, or something as simple as your electricity goes out and refrigerated foods will spoil. Canned foods like canned bugs, canned chicken and fruit baby foods are good to have on hand. An emergency kit isn’t just about sickness or injury after all. I’m not a big advocate of feeding baby foods on a regular basis as there are many much healthier choices, but I do keep such things on hand, in case of emergency.

E-Collar or supplies to make one. Honestly I’ve never used an e-collar and I’m not a big fan of using e-collars with sugar gliders, but this newsletter is a community service and not just about what Lisa thinks. Many people over the years have felt this was a necessity to prevent self mutilation. My personal opinion is that e-collars cause a lot of stress on sugar gliders, but if it can save a life, then it should be used. My only suggestion is that you don’t just put an e-collar on a sugar glider unless you see that their behavior could cause self harm. In other words, don’t put an e-collar on “just in case”, have an e-collar handy just in case the sugar glider is hurting itself.

Pediatlyte. Our veterinary experts prefer pediatlye over gatorade 100 percent. It has less sodium and less sugar. It is not uncommon for sugar gliders to experience occasional bouts of diarrhea. Maybe they are healthy and just ate something that caused a single event, or maybe they are sick. Either way, offer them half pediatlye/half water when diarrhea presents. They can get dehydrated rather quickly and this will help. Here’s a quick and helpful tip on helping firm up loose stools. If the diarrhea is not related to a bacterial or parasitic infection, coconut can help firm things up.

A small cage or travel cage. If you need to quickly separate sugar gliders because someone got hurt, having an extra cage around (even if it’s smaller) can really save the day. Also, some veterinarians will recommend separation of sugar gliders for a period of time after a medical procedure, and having an extra cage that can be used in case of emergency, can also the same cage you could use as a travel cage.

Heating pad. This is a more useful suggestion for breeders because young joeys cannot thermo-regulate, so if there is any chance your sugar gliders might have babies, be sure to have a heating pad on hand in case of rejection or if the mother passes away before the joeys are weaned.

Vetericyn. This product is highly recommend by veterinarians and even sold in many vet clinics. We just started carrying it at SunCoast because it’s not easy to find. Remember earlier in the newsletter I told you that my people emergency kit did not make it to Texas? I did not realize this until I really needed it one day. I was wearing flip flops to go over to our warehouse one day and the outer doors are heavy metal. One of the doors closed unexpectedly and my big toe got caught underneath and sliced my toe badly. Now I’m not suggesting you use Vetericyn for people use, although they do make a people product line, but I had nothing else. I used it and I do believe sincerely that it saved me from one nasty infection. I had to laugh at myself that I seem more concerned with my animal’s needs than making sure I had my own emergency kit at my new house. NOW, and this is a biggie, a lot of people will use human over the counter antibacterial creams when sugar gliders get injured, because that’s all they had on hand and needed it urgently. NOT a good idea! Animals will lick wounds and these products are not made to ingest. I’ve had people tell me stuff like “the wound was on the female’s back” (somewhat common problem) and “she can’t reach it to lick it”. But if she has cage mates, and she should live with sugar glider friends, they will lick it. It’s what animal’s do. My sugar gliders groom each other all the time, as do my dogs. So use something for the purpose it was intended and I promise that I now have an appropriate human first aid kit in my home.

Vetericyn Wound & Skin Care

Vetericyn works on a wide range of issues and can be used in ears, eyes, wounds and skin irritations to name a few. It’s been highly popularized for success in treating “hot spots” on dogs. Read more about Vetericyn here and for the next week, it will be $2 off … introductory newsletter special. It is a bit pricey but it can handle all sorts of medical emergencies and can be used with all sorts of animals! And it’s a lot cheaper than veterinarian dispensed ointments.

If the animal’s condition is severe, please do a see a vet and tell them that you have Vetericyn on hand. The vet may be satisfied that this product will do a good job and not try to sell you something else instead.

If for no other reason, stock your emergency kit, because it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. Facebook friend Diane M put it this way “Love vetericyn!! Keep it around for all my pets and horses too!!”

Til next time in good health to you and your sugar gliders!




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