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GliderVet #146: Unity in Community

Unity in Community

I am so excited about this month’s newsletter. I’m not going to talk about any new products, or share some great new educational idea, but rather, I want to invite you all to play a game with us.

I am so appreciative of how much satisfaction I get from being part of this community that I want to do some things to give back. We are hosting THE EVENT of the summer. Hope you will take part in this virtual contest, or at least check in and vote for your favorites.

I also want to extend an invitation to all small breeders that I think you might find most interesting. So read on. This month’s newsletter is all about having fun and connecting more with our awesome readers!

So Arnold? What do you have to say to kick off this first annual event?

Arnold T Schwarzenglider

Oh boy! Have we got a little sumptin sumptin for you today! Arnold here, and for ONCE, we am doin the newsletter of all newsletters! It’s all about FUN! So buckle up boyz and girlz, Sheilas and Jacks, Ladies and Gentlemen, cuz methinks you gonna like this better than a fat kid likes cake! Just sayin ….

So now as your most handsomest and awesomeness emcee, here’s Lisa to tell you about our biggest event ever with one goal in mind … to have FUN! IntrO-deucing ….

Lisa Bordelon

I may be writing this article, but YOU are going to write the story! Do you have the most beautiful sugar glider in the world? Perhaps the Universe?

This is the most resplendent contest EVER! Starting today, we are hosting the first annual Mr. and Ms. SunCoast Sugar Glider pageant. If you think your sugar gliders are the most beautiful in the world, you simply must enter this contest. Who amongst us does not feel that way about our fuzzbutts?

BUT, outer beauty alone is not going to win without having some talent OR answering a pageant question. If you choose talent, you can tell us about it, post a picture of the talent, or better yet, post a YouTube video (I'm sure that would really get you a lot of likes, because the most likes wins).

I realize that not everyone is on Facebook, but this is the venue we will be using as it will be live, as it happens, with current online voting, so if you want to follow this along please go to our SunCoast Sugar Gliders Facebook page.

If you don’t have that most awesome photo that shows off your most beautiful sugar gliders brilliant glow, do join us anyway, because the more judges we have, the better story we will all create together!

Here They Come! Mr. & Ms. SunCoast Sugar Gliders (do you hear the song in your head?)


Next verse: There They Go! Mr. & Ms. SunCoast Sugar Gliders.


BE SURE to say if your contestant is vying for MR or MS ... neutered males can enter either way! We must know if your entry is a Mr or Ms because we have prizes!

Ladies first. Ms. SunCoast Sugar Gliders will win this beautiful replica sugar glider adorned with her crown of pearls, her fresh red rose, ruby earrings , and her faux diamond and ruby studded sash. But that’s not all. This lucky little lady glider will need a jewelry box to keep her regalia and so we are providing this magnificent marble jewel case as well.


The winner of the Mister event will receive this rugged, mustachioed likeness bearing his regal crown and his studded sash along with a manly black marble obelisk. Hey, if the obelisk is good enough for George Washington as a monument, your guy deserves one too!


But that’s not all! You supply the photo plus either a talent or a deep and thoughtful answer to a pageant question. All contestants must enter a photo! Then your second requirement for entry you choose to enter talent OR deep, philosophical pageant question.

Here are your pageant questions (you can choose only one, unless you want to do more, because more might get more votes):

1 - The philosophy of sugar gliding is .....
2 - What famous character does your personality most parallel?
3 - If you could be on the cover of any magazine, which would your choose, and why?
4 - If you win this pageant, what is the message you wish to send out to the young gliders of today?
5 - Say anything about world peace!

There will be NO swimsuit nor evening wear competition this year, unless your talent requires such couture. Please check the Speedos at the door. This event is “G” rated for Grand!

Let the frivolity begin now!

Whoever receives the most votes (likes) by the morning of August 7, 2014 wins! Good luck contestants.


In the next few months, I want to start up a group just for small breeders. It’s been right at a year now since I quit breeding sugar gliders, and I still get a copious number of calls and emails from people seeking to buy sugar gliders from me. I want to be able to refer these inquiries to YOU!

I do not have the grand, big vision of what this will turn into yet, but I do have some ideas. Ultimately this group will develop into something that you, as small breeders really need and really want!

How does free advertising sound? I want to set up a dedicated page on my website so more people can find out about you and the fine job you do. This offer is open to small breeders who are USDA licensed AND small breeders who are too small to get licensed, aka hobby breeders. I also want to develop a system whereby your customers can post comments that will be monitored to insure than no one gets inflammatory in a forum where we want to promote a peaceful, calm and happy place. In other words, the posts must be approved before they are posted. Breeders who get too many complaints will be un-invited to this cooperative. All participants also must be approved by SunCoast, and if I have a reason that you will not be approved, I will share that with you.

In addition to free advertising, I also envision hosting teleconference events where we can talk about the issues of being a breeder. One big topic I would like to suggest is how to say NO.

When your gut is telling you that someone will not be a good home, how can you tell them no graciously without upsetting anyone?

Would you like access to buy some of SunCoast’s unique products at wholesale for use in your facility or for resale to your customers? I think products like our patented Nail O Matic, bonding potion and eco-friendly, animal safe cleaning products could be made available (amongst other things) for your use and for your customer’s benefits.

Breeders can learn a great deal about improved husbandry from other breeders and with fifteen years in this effort, I know I can help you solve some of those difficult challenges we eventually encounter. Please let me help. As breeders, we are also on the front line of giving people the education they are most likely to use. Often when people call me and tell me things they are doing, I ask them why? Most often, the answer is because this is what my breeder told me to do. So if we get the information right, more sugar gliders will have happier, healthier lives. It’s a big responsibility to breed and re-home animals and I hope that together, we can truly make an impact on the quality of sugar glider lives everywhere! Will you join me? If you are interested, just send me an email to and put Small Breeder in the subject line. Let’s make a difference together. Shall we?

Til next time in good health to you and your sugar gliders!


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