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GliderVet #147

Last month we held a contest to find Mr. and Mrs. SunCoast Sugar Gliders. It was great fun. Ms. Bella Sue has been crowned Ms. SunCoast Sugar Gliders and she shares in her acceptance speech to take life one yogie at a time and to glide life to its fullest. Congratulations beautiful lady glider.

I am particularly pleased to announce Mr. SunCoast Sugar Gliders. While one may say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Mr. Double Dapple does not have eyes, yet it does not impede him from magnificent acrobatics and other manly maneuvers.

Animals are so awesomely adaptive to “disabilities” and in the right care and right home, can have amazing lives.

Who’d a-thunk it?
Arnold T Schwarzenglider

Treat time, treat time, I love the yummy treat time! My Mum Tree does not let me have me favorite every night, cuz she says it’s healthier for us to get different treats. To that I say … healthy schmealthy. I want yogies, I love yogies and they are the best!

So this month, Mum comes in with something that sorta looked like yogies but it was square and not shaped like a kiss! Hmmm … now what’s she up to? Was thinkin about being stubborn, but then the rest of me gang went heading to the hands that feed treats like gangbusters. What was this new white treaty thing? Well, it turns out to be diced coconut, and now I say bring on the healthy! This stuff gives yogies a run for its money, AND they don’t melt in the summertime! I’m happy cuz they are delicious, and Mum’s happy cuz they are so healthy. Hey Mikey, what do you think? Mikey likes it!

Who’d a thunk it?
So for the next two days, you can try one of my new favorite treats at a buck off! SunCoast having a sale? Who’d a thunk that? Nyuk nyuk

Here’s what just a couple of our independent SunCoast Testers had to say!

“omg..they just love the coconut, I had to hurry and pass them out because one was trying to take it from” Carey M.

“Nina giving a whole "paws up" on coconut! Trio success and I think it's quite yummy too! “ Kathy H.

“We got our tester package today!!!! We tried the coconut first... I almost lost a finger!!! Thought my babies were going to rip it off trying to take it from me!! I'd have to say I think it was a hit! happy gliders = happy mommy” Megan N

coconut-chuncksSo get some today before the sale ends by going here:
Diced Coconut




And if you wait for the sale to end, get some anyway, cuz they are deeeee-licious. They are really human treats, so don’t beleeeeeve me? Try it yersef!

Clean you cage right where it is!
By Lisa
Years ago, I needed to find a way to clean cages without moving them, because we had so many sugar gliders as a breeding company, that moving cages in an out was just not practical or time efficient. Whenever people would ask what I do for a living and I told them that I bred exotic animals, the response was “well how much fun that must be!”

It was indeed fun, but truth is, we spent a lot more time cleaning that playing with sugar gliders! It’s a non-stop effort. And the more gliders you have, the more cleaning is required in order to keep the natural musky and urine smells at bay! It is particularly noticeable when you are located in a hot, humid area.

I recently came upon a new product that I find superior in many ways to the soapless, rinseless wash that we’ve carried for several years. As such, we are replacing our previous cleaner Cage & Toy Wash with this new cleaner. Why? Because the Cage & Toy Wash people company has been unable to fill an order we placed 4 months ago. Go figure.

First off, you can keep your cage right where it is to clean it. This does not differ from our previous product, and what an advantage it is to clean in place. I know that many people struggle with cleaning cages for a variety of reasons. Those who live in states with harsh winters aren’t exactly going to push a cage outdoors and use a hose in sub-freezing temperatures. A lot of people have opted to wash cages in bathtubs to manage this task without going outdoors. Those of us in the South, contend with heat and many thunderstorms … both unpleasant to situations to work in.

Some cages are just too large to get outside without some level of disassembly. That’s not much fun either.

And what happens when cage cleaning is just so inconvenient because of weather or time needed, that cages end up not getting cleaned as often as necessary? I let you ponder on that one a bit.

I am pleased to announce that SunCoast Sugar Gliders is now carrying GreenStump™, All Natural, All Purpose Cleaner. The company graciously supplied me with samples, because there are so many cleaner products out there these days, that I could spend all of my time just testing and reviewing them. I personally prefer all natural cleaners and ones that don’t have a high fragrance or big smell in general. Using vinegar or bleach is quite unappealing to me. I avoid harsh chemicals like bleach and I really dislike the smell of vinegar, although it is natural. Like many people, I have chemical sensitiivties, and some people just choose to use products that are safe and earth friendly. I know vinegar is a popular and very inexpensive natural way to clean. I have an issue with the smell, but I also will share with you that vinegar has an acidic nature. The problem with having an acidic nature is that acid can accelerate rust. GreenStump™ has a very low pH making it much gentler and will not accelerate any rust issues. So are you really saving money using vinegar if you have to replace cages more often?

GreenStump™ could be described this way by Mr. Myagi if he were in France. Wipe on, wipe off, voila! You can wash your cage right where it’s situated now and get a fully clean cage, with a soft pleasant smell that is good for you, good for your sugar gliders, and good for our planet!

It is recommended that the cleaner be wiped off with a clean, wet cloth after using because it does not have a good taste to it. I believed the company on this one without actually trying to taste it. And it does a super job of releasing dirt and grime really quickly. Cage cleaning is no longer as big of a task as it used to be. Wipe on, then after just a few short minutes, wipe off! That’s it. Once the habitat and toys are dry, it is safe to return your sugar gliders to their home.

I love the fresh, clean smell this leaves behind and to me, it seems to keep the fresh cleaning smell longer than other natural products I tried. GreenStump™ also gets out those hard to clean items that seem to hold a lingering smell even after washing like our patented Nail O Matic. I think you will find a significant improvement with GreenStump™.

Last, but certainly not least, this product costs 25% less than our previous product! As Arnold might say, Who’d a thunk it? More powerful cleaning, a longer lasting freshness, and cheaper? Actually it’s a lot cheaper because ….

… It’s also concentrated. I recommend using it at full power for heavy duty jobs, but you can dilute it in a 1:4 ratio for lighter cleaning jobs.

Quit pushing your cage outside or lugging it to the nearest bathtub. THE best cleaner I’ve found to date is here! This is also on sale for the next two days! Did I mention that you can even dilute it for those lighter cleaning jobs? You can also use in your laundry to get rid of smells in your fleece habitat accessories! Who’d a thunk it?

8 ounce bottle on sale now! 72 hour sale at $2 off … I REALLY want you to try this because I think you’ll be impressed that I’m willing to practically give it away just so you can see for yourself.

greenstumpAvailable in 8 ounces.
GreenStump 8 oz All Purpose Cleaner

Also available in 32 ounces.
GreenStump 32 oz All Purpose Cleaner
What is SunCoast Testers?



You will hear me refer to SunCoast Testers from time to time and this is an idea that I had one day after getting out of breeding sugar gliders. One thing that has been very important to me is that ALL products be tested not only for safety, but do sugar gliders enjoy these things or not. Before we even go there, we ask our vet and nutritionist contacts to give opinions before we even try it (on ingestible and cleaning products only).

As shared by one of my testers: “I have been meaning to post this. I think it’s just wonderful that you care so much about your customers and the gliders. Not many businesses care what the customer has to say. I think it’s great you like to hear our opinion and our baby’s opinion of products. You don't just assume that it will go well because sugar gliders like this or that. my babies are pickyyyyy. my 5 babes and I have enjoyed being a tester and a customer . we will continue to do so for a long time.”

Thank you Crissy for your kind words. SunCoast Testers is a closed group of 80 individuals that I met through Facebook and one day put out an invitation to those who would like to help me continue testing with a wide range of sugar gliders, like I did when I was breeding. I was hoping for a group of 20-25 and in about 20 hours, got 80 responses. These people have been highly objective in their testing and many of the new products we’ve offered this year have been through this process, and will continue to be.

I wanted to share this so that you know that as a company, we really do take consumer opinions seriously, so when I refer to SunCoast Testers, you will know what I’m talking about. Please don’t ask to join this group at this time. It is much larger than I had anticipated and a challenge to manage, but it gives me such great confidence in new products knowing that the input of many was considered in advance of offering new products to the general public.

The products we shared with you today are the frontrunners of our latest round of testing and I hope you enjoyed hearing about the results of our community effort. I am grateful to each of you for being honest in your opinions and kind at the same time. Fact is, there are things that flunk testing, and I get a lot of feedback from the group membership regarding both pros and cons.

As this group dwindles through attrition, as things like this tend to do, we will offer future opportunities for new members, but right now, we are full up! I just wanted you to know how much community means to me personally, and hope that other opportunities present to enhance community efforts ongoing.

Til next time in good health to you and your sugar gliders!

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