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GliderVet #139: Words With Arnold

This Month in the GliderVet Newsletter

Greetings Glider Groupies, Glider Newbies and Glider Wanna-bes! Welcome to the December 2013 edition of the GliderVet News.

We usually start off the newsletter with a famous animal quote by a famous person. This month, we’re doing things a bit different. I’ll tell you about a new game Arnold started in a moment, but this was something written by one of our game participants and I just loved it.

So as written by one of our Facebook friends, Gary Batchelder:

Australia charms with its musical play,
The trees are alive with a Cirque Du Soleil,
The sugary acrobats nightly review,
Gliding to tunes from a didgeridoo

We’ve had a lot of changes at SunCoast Sugar Gliders in the last few months and I’m going to share the news with you this month in the GliderVet Newsletter. We will be going back to a more traditional format in January, and in the meantime catch you up on happenings around here at SunCoast. It’s always nice to look back at a year in review and oh what a year it’s been.

First, let’s talk about Arnold’s new game called Words With Arnold. It’s a Facebook group just for fun for sugar glider lovers anywhere. We just started it less than a week ago and we’re having a blast. If you love sugar gliders and love word games, please join us. It is an open group and you can find it by going here:

If you have difficulty joining, make sure you send a friend request first. Once you are Arnold’s friend, you will easily see the “join group” button.

Everyday Arnold posts a new fun word and the other players vote by liking their favorite submissions. Whoever gets the most likes by the following morning wins bragging rights for the day! Gary’s elegant poem above was his submission on “didgeridoo” day. Even if you’re too shy to post, please join us, because the judges are the group members and you can at least cast your vote by liking the posts you find most entertaining.

If you are looking to join a very friendly and informative group, then go to our official business Facebook page at SunCoast Sugar Gliders. Words With Arnold is just for fun. Our SunCoast Sugar Gliders page is also fun, but we also get to serious business as well and have respectful dialogue about the concerns of glider keepers. No topic is off limit, and we’ve done well in attracting like minded people who support each other with kindness and respect.

Now I would like to share the big, behind the scenes move. As many of you already know, I personally moved to Texas to be nearer to family this past summer. Well, now we’ve moved everything to Texas. SunCoast Sugar Gliders is now fully run and operated from the state that prides itself in BIG! I don’t know if we will ever have a really BIG company, but I will tell you we have BIG plans moving forward.

In the very near future, we will be launching our brand new website! We are diligently working behind the scenes to bring you a more user friendly website and creating more user friendly information sections, like easier search features in our extensive newsletter archives. While Texas is a state of BIG, our New Year’s resolution is about MORE. We are re-committing ourselves to more education, more science, more community involvement and a sincere attempt to help more small breeders and rescue groups. Much of our success and direction will be driven by YOU! Your feedback to our newsletters and your participation on our SunCoast Sugar Gliders Facebook page will greatly influence us as we move into a new year. We will also be seeking product testers for a plethora of new products we’re planning to release next year and those testers will get free stuff to try, and will only be announced on our Facebook group. It is really important to our testing processes that we not only review things extensively in-house, get our vets to bless products in advance, but ultimately, you and your sugar gliders must enjoy the products as well. If we can’t meet all of these criteria, we won’t sell the product. Together we make a difference and we do hope that you will join us in sharing your ideas on what we can do to better support our community.

While on the subject of MORE, we are expecting shipping rate hikes very soon. The Postal Service has been threatening rate hikes for awhile, and UPS and FedEx always raise rates in January. Please take advantage of our $8.00 or less shipping policy while you can, because that is unfortunately going to have to go up in the very near future. It’s a good time to load up before UPS, USPS, and FedEx load us up with higher prices.

I am sure you can well imagine that all this moving has had its challenges, but the big part is behind us now and I feel a renewed sense of invigoration going forward. We are also excited about our new webmaster, Mr. Ed! No, he’s not a horse, he’s a two legger, and we’re pleased to have him on board. I am personally excited about several new veterinarian affiliations recently developed. We still have our connections in FL, but as it turns out, my nephew is a veterinarian and he now owns the oldest clinic in Pearland TX, so he has a staff we can call on to get a broader view on husbandry questions and Dr. Kris’s wife is a nutritionist and we hope she will chime in as well from time to time.

I am so grateful for so many things this year. I am grateful to you, our readers because without you, none of this would be worthy. I am grateful to be nearer to my family (although I do miss the weather in Florida). I am grateful that we are bringing our business to a more modern and user friendly platform. I am grateful for all of the little sugar gliders that have touched our lives so deeply and is the glue that binds us together.

Arnold and I wish to send you our warmest blessings and wishes for this holiday season. Arnold hopes that Sandy Paws makes your Hollydaze bright! One final message from our Chief Executive Glider … “ Me luv you, me’s missed you and me wishes me could nose kiss you!”

'Til next time, in good health for you and your gliders, we sign off in appreciation of all of you who share great glider adventures with us!
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