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GliderVet #149: Wodent Wheels, Foraging Toy, Cage Cleaning, International Shipping

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Wodent Wheels, Foraging Toy, Cage Cleaning, International Shipping

Hey ya’ll. That’s southern for how you’ze guys doin? Which is yankee for whatsup? Which is street for hello and welcome, which is the proper Queen’s English!

Check out our featured picture. Wendy is enjoying a cup of joey! You can get that mug … well, not exactly that mug, but one that look just like it AND support Emergency Vet Care. If you’re not clicking on this fast enough, try caffeine! Your help is appreciated more than you can ever know!

cupCoffee Mug - Vet Fund Raiser
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First let me thank you ALL that responded to our request to help get sugar gliders legalized in PA. It’s by no means a done deal yet, but here is what I was told the day we sent that out and the same day ya’ll, I mean you guys email bombed the legislators in Pennsylvania!

“Excellent news in PA today! HB575 has moved from the game & fisheries committee to being on the table for debate in the house. A small step but it's a step!! Thank you all that have helped this cause! It is truly appreciated by all PA residents who need this bill to pass! If you haven't had a chance to contact the legislators yet, now is the time! Lisa has put out a special edition newsletter to give you all easy directions on who/how to contact. Let's get this done so PA citizens can be proud & loud suggie slaves too!!!:”

I am aware that a lot of those emails bounced, and that’s OK. This person who will remain anonymous (until the bill passes completely, then we hold a parade for her) is doing her best in a busy life to spearhead this project as best as she can. And I think she’s a hero!

OK, this is a new day and a new newsletter. Let me sell you some stuff because this year has been the best year in coming out with new products and improved products for SunCoast. I hate that saying new and improved, which is it? If it’s new, how can it be improved? Just sayin, I guess I’ve been hanging out with Arnold too much (if there is such a thing as too much).

I’ve been doing this newsletter thing since 2001, and for those of you that have been with us since then, know that I’m not all about the tasteless, blatant consumerism. But, the fact is, I get so many questions on products, that I think this is the perfect venue to discuss such things. Just sayin …oops, there goes my inner Arnold again.

Recently I was asked to produce a video on the wodent wheel. Poor wittle wodent wheel has weally taken a beating in wecent years …. Nuff said … if you want to really know the history and what has transpired here, check out my YouTube video.. .and please overlook my bad hair day.


Here’s another video! Hope you enjoy. Another bad hair day! Oh well! I would love to hear your ideas on what videos you would like to see. Just email me at I have a big list planned, but it only matters if YOU want to see it or know it.

Clean Your Cage in Place!

Admittedly this is a rerun. I told you a couple of month’s about a new product you could use to clean you cage in place. No more taking it outside, pulling out the pressure washer, or putting it in the bath tub, or have to somewhat disassemble it to get it out of the door. I’m a southerner, but I learned a saying from those yanks that goes something like this … fuggetaboutit.

A couple of months we offered a special price on a new concentrated cleaner called GreenStump and we put our 8 ounce bottles on sale. We also have these in 32 ounces, and when diluted is a full gallon of concentrated, smell eliminating, pleasant after smell … sa-weet stuff!

On sale now! Just go here to get not $1 off, not $2 off, but $3 hard earned dollars off a product you can use anywhere in your house, around your kids, your pets, and hey … even yourself. Am I overselling here? Yes, I am! I’ve been on the green train for a long time and the green products were always so much more expensive than their chemical competitors. Not no mo! You can go green, be clean … AND SAVE! Sale ends December 4, 2014.

When I first introduced this I told you that I met these amazing Super Hippies at a trade show. Imagine a big triangulated “S” on a tie-dyed Tshirt. Now are we talking groovy coolness, or what?

I got a lot of feedback on this product since we introduced it several months ago, and most of the feedback was on what I recommended, which was to clean you cage in place. BUT, I got a lot more feedback on cool uses of this product that I had not even imagined. My favorite is this idea. Use two ounces of full strength GreenStump in your laundry and all of your sugar glider fleece stuff will come out smelling awesome! Is awesome good enough for you? I get so excited when my customers tell me about product uses I hadn’t even considered. You guys rock, truly!

Who Is SunCoast Anyway?

OK, I’m writing this because I’ve seen some stuff online recently that SunCoast had been sold and all I want to say is no one told me! I founded this company in 1999. The website was started in 2001. My company is a very small company with a very big heart! I am so grateful for your support and encouragement. The company is run by me, Lisa … and Arnold, who is asleep during work hours. I have three very part time helpers in my new location in TX, and of course, Rob is always there in the background and deserves to have a spotlight because he is one of the nicest people I’ve ever known. Our little group of Arnold’s Army spends most of our time helping people who have sugar gliders who are begging for proper education and advice that comes from many years of experience. This is our focus and your support affords us the opportunity to follow our passion and for that, all I can say is Thank You! Merci Beaucoups! Danke! Grazie! Arigato! Gracias!

Does SunCoast Ship Products to Other Countries?

Early this year we set up a new website, and we can now ship anywhere in the world! BUT, I haven’t had time to set up all the countries, because as I’ve stated above, my company is very small. Just email me if you are interested in buying products from SunCoast and you’re not based in the U.S. I can set up new countries really fast thanks to my new webmaster. International orders will be shipped via a trackable method, like priority mail international, and we will only accept payments via PayPal that are APPROVED and VERIFIED. Ask and you shall receive, but for your protection (and ours), we will only transact through PayPal and comply with their eligibility requirements. Sorry to say flat rate shipping does not apply. We can ship to you based on published USPS rates.

We can ship all of our products internationally except cages. Sorry guys, but cages are oversized and cannot be shipped via conventional shipping methods outside of the U.S. I wish we could, but the shipping cost will be more than the cost of the cage. Have you checked out our new Europa cage? This one comes from Europe and not China, like pretty much every other cage out there. There are definitely quality cages coming from China (and some not very good quality too), and I’m happy that we have an option to offer a European model now. Hint: find our Facebook page and you will find a very generous special deal on this cage for the next week. If you’re not on Facebook and are interested in this special offer, just call me at 727-343-8577. We don’t want to exclude anyone!

europa cageEuropa Cage - Two Tone Black & Gray
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Wholesome Balance is now even Better!

I’ve mentioned in past newsletters than we test all new health and nutritional products through a focus group fondly known as SunCoast Testers. Recently we started a test on an improved, longer lasting bonding potion. The idea was to use a form of natural coconut oil as the base instead of a water base. The theory was that this would increase the amount of time that bonding potion would last between sprays making it more useful for bonding sugar gliders to new sugar gliders. You see, the original intention was to create a product to be used between sugar glider and human, and often as it happens, my customers try things I never even thought of. OK, so what happened? The sugar gliders liked the taste of the oil so much, that our original bonding potion became a delicious treat instead of a treatment that would help gliders (and humans) calm down while making friends.

Interestingly, our botched trial led to a new idea. I asked our food manufacturer to use this coconut oil instead of flax oil, which is what we’ve traditionally used to finish the product. Lo and behold, while one test went bust, we made a discovery that has made an already highly palatable food even tastier. Wholesome Balance is the ONLY sugar glider good made with all human grade ingredients, no fillers, and no soy. Each bite is a nutrition packed morsel that the sugar gliders enjoy and it’s more filling. And now it’s tastier than ever. If you haven’t tried it lately, you can order a small trial size package or place an order for other stuff and choose a sample of the new Wholesome Balance for FREE! Here’s a link to the trial size:

wholesome balanceWholesome Balance™
Chicken & Brown Rice Blend
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I’ve been beating my drum for awhile encouraging more Unity in Community, so I asked a highly reputable breeder who I happen to be neighbors with now, to test in her facility. Hey, I don’t mind putting a plug in for this company because that’s how I roll. The Pet Glider is pleased with not only the ingredients in Wholesome Balance, but the palatability as well. I’ve had experience with my dogs feeding foods that included more animal protein and are more nutrient rich, and with dogs it’s very easy to see that foods with better nutritional content is more satisfying, so guess what, they don’t need to eat as much to feel full. So why buy other foods filled with icky fillers? If your sugar glider has soy, wheat middlings or oats in the top three ingredients, these are the fillers I’m talking about! We use all white chicken meat as our primary protein, not cheaper (and inferior) vegetable proteins. In the long run you will have healthier gliders, with better looking coats and more vitality when you feed a superior food. And some companies sell far inferior foods for a lot more money! I can’t figure that one out. I guess they are just a lot better at blatant, tasteless consumerism than I am. Now that Wholesome Balance is finished with coconut oil instead of flax, it is better smelling and better tasting!

The Ultimate 2015 Calendar

I’m going to let this product speak for itself! We have limited supplies and think of what great stocking stuffers this will make for the glider lovers in your family! The lady who has been making these for many years amazes me with not only her creative presentation, but that she can get her gliders to pose like this.

2015 calendarCalendar 2015
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Til next time in good health to you and your sugar gliders!


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