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Two Sugar Glider Dry Shampoos

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at SunCoast has to do with controlling the musk odors associated with our furry marsupial buddies!  

Male gliders tend to carry more odor than female gliders and for permanent odor control, consider getting your male gliders neutered.  Once neutered, the male scent glands will actually close up over time and it's hard to mark that territory with "no ink in the pen"!  It's also important to know good cage hygiene, proper diet, and avoiding the overfeeding of vitamin supplements will go a long way toward odor control. 

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For anti-bacterial cage hygiene, you want use a product like Scooter's Choice.  You can remove odors in the cage area instantly with Clean+Green Odor Neutralizer.  To keep your suggie fresh smelling, use a product like Sugar Glider Dry Shampoo.

Like cats, sugar gliders tend to clean themselves very well. And we are well aware than many cat owners like to bathe their cats even though the cat can do most of this on its own. We do not recommend that you give a sugar glider a bath in the traditional sense.  Bathing with water and soap, regular shampoo or detergent can not only dry out the fur, but the skin as well - not to mention your suggie may get skittish!

So if you prefer to have a bathed pet with a fresh scent, we are recommending the use of a new product called Sugar Glider Dry Shampoo.  Specially formulated for a sugar glider's delicate skin, this solution gently removes dirt and organic matter without harming or drying the skin and coat.  It has no alcohol, detergents or animal by-products.  And the non-aerosol bottle uses a safe, removable pump spray.

The shampoo itself is not actually dry - it just means your sugar glider can be dry when you use it.  To use, you can either spray it directly on the fur, or you can spray some in your hands and then apply directly to the fur.  After one minute, gently rub your sugar glider's fur with a clean cloth to dry and you're done!  The shampoo leaves a light, clean, fresh baby powder fragrance that is delightful!

For the ultimate glider grooming treatment, we recommend following the dry shampoo with a conditioning product, like Glider Glo Conditioner, to help keep your sugar glider's fur coat silky and shiny.  Both products can be used daily, if you choose, to groom your sugar glider.  And if you want to brush your sugar gliders hair, try a soft toothbrush ... some gliders like this attention a lot!

  • Weight 4 oz each.
  • Size: 6.25 in x 1.5 in x 1.5 in

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