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Two Glider Glo Conditioners

Glider Glo is the first and only water-based skin and coat conditioner for sugar gliders. There are no alcohol or petroleum products and it is completely non-toxic.  It is a great addition to your sugar glider's grooming regimen and is especially useful for those with a dull coat or dry skin.

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Glider Glo moisturizes a sugar glider's delicate skin and leaves their coats soft and silky, along with a beautiful sheen.  The fine mist leaves behind a mild neutralizing scent that you will enjoy and your glider won't mind.  Regular use will not cause conditioner buildup on your suggies.

Glider Glo is a complementary conditioner to Sugar Glider Dry Shampoo.  If you prefer a light, clean scent for your suggies, we recommend you first use the dry shampoo formulated for sugar gliders to remove dirt and oils.  Then use Glider Glo and watch'em glow!

If your sugar glider has a dull coat, dry skin or if you live in a drier climate, Glider Glo's moisturizing properties may reduce dry skin or fur.  We also recommend that you use a humidifier, as gliders prefer a more humid tropical environment.  It is important to be aware that dry skin or dry fur could be an indication of a serious health or nutritional imbalance, so when in doubt, always see a vet!

To use, just spray Glider Glo directly on the Sugar Glider's fur, avoiding the eyes.  Glider Glo comes in a non-aerosol 8 fl. Oz. pump spray bottle.  Both products are safe to use daily for grooming your glider.  Arnold feels so shiny and fresh after a dry shampoo and Glider Glo conditioning treatment that he says he's all 'A-Glo'!

  • Weight 8 oz. each
  • Size: 8 in x 2 in x 2 in

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