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Sugar Glider - Leafy Vine

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Sugar Glider Leafy Vine

This super-durable silk vine will have your sugar gliders convinced they're living in a rainforest !


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Sugar gliders need access to a variety of stimulating toys and accessories to encourage exercise and creativity.  Our furry buddies have an innate need to be stimulated - both physically and mentally.  We are delighted to offer an animal-safe plant, which provides an opportunity for your sugar gliders to play and climb on a faux plant similar to ones found in the natural sugar glider habitat.

Sugar gliders have little hands and feet that look much like human hands with five digits and an opposable thumb.  They are very adept at climbing high in the canopy in their native habitat and can easily maneuver through branches, twigs and vines.  Leafy foliage not only provides shelter from the light, but also gives them a place to hide out.

Imagine the great games of peek-a-boo you will enjoy from behind the leafy curtain.  These vines are made specifically for use with animals, meaning they are safe, not toxic and durable!  And around here, we like to use cable ties to zip tie our vines and create all sorts of creative presentations for our sugar  glider homes.  Here are just a few ideas on how we use the leafy vines:

The vine can be intertwined between cage bars to create a natural wall between your gliders habitat and the actual wall in your home.  This will help to greatly reduce the “fling effect” of last night’s dinner on your new paint job.  You can thread it between or around existing toys to create a camouflaged bunker for sugar glider meetings.

You and your sugar glider can be super creative because there is no wrong way to place the plant vine – use it horizontally, vertically, diagonally and change it up as often as you want.  You can wrap it around toys, logs, vines branches or use it as a natural barrier between feed stations for gliders that get a bit food competitive at dinner time.

These durable plants can be attached to branches for a lush forest effect.  And to create the ultimate rainforest retreat, combine this product with a crazy hideout cave.

Suggies love to climb and they will love these vines, no matter what direction they're going!  We’ve even used these silk plants to completely cover the top of some of our wire top cages to create a stimulating environment for out of the cage playtime.  The look of this approach is a great way to make a cage fit the art and form of a room better.  One thing is for sure – however you place it, your glider is going to love it!

As you can probably imagine, sugar gliders are very attracted to greenery, but bringing things in from the outdoors is not always safe.  When you introduce something from the great outdoors, you could be potentially introducing unwanted pests that your glider might consume, or pesticides / herbicides that could be fatal!  And while you may be confident your plants, trees, branches, etc. have not been treated with any pesticides, you never know what those unwanted guest pests may have been in contact with.  Many plants are considered very toxic to sugar gliders - in fact, the list is quite long.

If you use safe, non toxic live plants with gliders, don’t expect them to last very long!  Gliders will tear them up in no time and your pretty little plant will look like kindling in just a few days.  We’ve long been advocates for using fake plants in the sugar glider habitat, and have tried many of the cheaper variety - Walmart-type silk plants - with very disappointing results.  Yes, they are quite a bit less expensive than these animal grade silk plants, but you will be replacing them often.  I’ve used this particular brand for many years in some of my habitats.  Even my overachievers have been unsuccessful in stripping these well made vines.

And if you think a silk vine from one of the craft stores will do just fine, we ask you to reconsider.  Many of those silk plants that are readily available in so many chain stores are pre-treated with toxic chemicals to extend the life of the product.  These vines are 100% non-toxic, so you can feel confident you are providing the safest plant available.  And, did we mention they are washable?!  

Now for a very important detail.  You need to watch for the type of silks made with wire on the inside as this too can present a safety hazard.  After checking all the options, we are sold on using only silk plants made specifically for animal use, but all we've seen are made with wires inside some part of them.  This one comes from the manufacturer with a wire in the "trunk" where the branches all come together.  But we remove this  wire from the vine when we receive the product, so the vine you receive will be completely safe for your suggies.

At its longest point, the vine measures about 16.5 inches.  There are a total of 5 strong plastic stems of natural looking leaves on each plant.  The longest stem measures 11 inches and is directly centered between 2 stems measuring just over 6 inches each; the 2 outside stems are the shortest, measuring roughly 4.5 inches each.    From each stem, there are a varying number of shoots containing 5 leaves each.  The plant design is quite clever because it creates a lush texture and fullness, making it a blast for your sugar gliders to forage through and hide in.

Cleaning and maintenance is quite easy.  On cleaning day, just lightly spritz the plant vine with Cage & Toy Wash, let it set 10 minutes, rinse and the dry flat.  In between cleanings, you may want to also spritz it with a little Clean+Green, as needed, to alleviate odors your gliders may have left behind.

The grabbing and climbing motion used with this vine is very natural, and helps build strength and endurance (think Ahhhhhnold).  And speaking of Arnold, he wants to remind everybody that shipping is ALWAYS $8 per order, no matter how many items you order!

Leafy Vine                               $10.52

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Shipping Information
Dimensions Longest center stem is 6.5"; 2 stems surrounding center stem are just over 6" each; outside 2 stems are 4.5" each
Weight 0.1 lbs

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