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Installing the Nail-O-Matic             U.S. Patent Number 6,959,667

1.  Take your Wodent Wheel off the stand and take the cover off.  There is a tab on both ends of the Nail-O track.  Slip either of these tabs under the track mesh on the other end of the track and slide together the ends of the track so the two ends of the track mesh meet with each other.

2.  Place the track down on a table.  Holding the ends of the track together with one hand, push the opposite side of the track towards the center of the track.

3.  After you have pushed far enough to make a "bow", grab the sides of the track and pull it into an upside down heart shape, as see in the picture to the right.

4.  Still holding the track ends, set the track inside near the side of your Wodent Wheel and let the "heart" go.  It will expand and hold itself together.

5.  Make sure the Nail-O-Matic track sits inside the slot in the cover that holds the green track.  Push the "bow" of the Nail-O-Matic track back across the Wheel towards the other side of the wheel.
6.  The Nail-O-Matic track should expand and seat itself snugly against the inside of the slot that holds the green track.
7.  Check to make sure the Nail-O track is seated against the black cover of the wheel (# 2 below).  If it is, you should see the Nail-O track peek out just over the top of the green track (# 1 below).
8.  Grasp the cover with holes in it, tilt it, and fit the track slot in the cover over the top of the green track.  The top of the Nail-O-Matic track will be inside the slot for the green track.  Make sure ends of clear track joiner sit inside outside  edge of both front and back cover.

9.  Gradually lower the cover down onto the green track fitting the track into the slot as you lower the cover with your hands.  You may have to push the green track in towards the center of the wheel a bit to get the green track to pop into the slot.  If you have the track in the slot all the way around but the cover doesn't seem to snap on, twist the cover back and forth a bit to seat the Nail-O-Matic track.  Then press down the center of the wheel cover and install cotter pin.

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