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Sugar Gliders are Not Called Sugar Bears

There is a group of brokers selling sugar gliders while calling them sugar bears, claiming sugar gliders are called sugar bears in "other parts of the world".  We have never heard of this idea and don't know anyone who has.  There are no references to this idea anywhere on the web, other than from the company that is the source of this idea.  The only animal we know of that's sometimes called a sugar bear is the Kinkajou - and it's not a marsupial like the sugar glider.

Wonder why they are trying so hard to confuse people?

These people are from the same large franchise organization that sells sugar gliders on impulse in malls and at events, and who operate or influence The North American Sugar Glider Association (, along with a number of web sites that appear and disappear like,, and The Association of Sugar Glider Veterinarians ( which are also affiliated with this group.

I’ve had dialogue this month with a woman who bought a “sugar bear”.  When she first purchased, she searched diligently for books and other information on its care.  Of course, the only information found were websites put up by this same group.  Ultimately the sugar glider got sick, so she called around to find a vet that could care for her “sugar bear”.  None of these offices ever heard of such an animal, so they told her they couldn’t treat it.  

She got very desperate in her search for help, so she took the sick little critter to an emergency vet, hoping they could at least try to help her save her “sugar bear”.  Of course, when she went to the clinic, she was told this animal was actually a sugar glider.  Unfortunately it was too late to save him. By not knowing the proper name of her animal, it cost her critter his life.

The web sites involved with this "sugar bear" practice look very similar to sites of suspect origin we reviewed before.  Please take a look at these reviews and decide if these people can be trusted:

Sugar Glider Guides for New Owners

But hey, this is just a web site and you shouldn't trust what we are saying any more than what the sugar bear folks say.  You should do some research and decide for yourself.  Here's an idea:

One of the consistent messages of both the sites reviewed above and the sugar bear sites that look exactly like them is this: they tell you to stay away from "Chat Rooms and Message Boards" about sugar gliders and sugar bears.  Have you ever wondered why?  Could it be that the thousands and thousands of sugar glider owners on these boards could all be wrong, and the publisher of all these "sugar bear" web sites is correct?  Does that make sense to you?

Just try this for yourself.  Go to either one of the largest message boards about sugar gliders on the web, links below:

Glider Central    and    Glider Gossip

and then just search for "sugar bears" and see what people are talking about.  Ask questions if you like.  Then ask yourself if it's likely all the thousands of independent sugar glider owners on these boards are lunatics and part of a grand conspiracy against the "sugar bear" folks, or maybe, these sugar bear folks have something to hide.

Please make an informed decision.

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