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Oh my goodness Lisa!! 

I just made my first attempt at feeding Rusty and Audrey insects.  Wow!!  I don't know what else to say but WOW!!  They took to them IMMEDIATELY!!

They always come out around 3 pm for a "midnight snack", and today I saw it as a good opportunity to give the insects a go.  I only put a few of the mealworms (maybe 4) and ONE cricket in the dish. Well, they were already out and about.  They were interested in what I was doing and could certainly smell whatever it was I was putting in their food dish.

Audrey, being shy as she is, started creeping over and straining her neck to get a better whiff of whatever it was.  Rusty was near the bottom of the cage but caught wind of what was going on.  Audrey made it to the food dish first, but don't underestimate Rusty, he wasn't too far behind.

While Audrey wasted valuable time by sniffing and exploring the new substance, Rusty was aggressive, as per usual, going right on in and grabbing the best and biggest thing available, the CRICKET!  He scurried off before Audrey could contend, settled himself on the large manzanita branch and "dug in", so to speak.  He was holding it with both hands, like corn on the cob - how cute and how funny!  It was quite a sight :)  Meanwhile, Audrey enjoyed some mealworms.

The thing is, Audrey was curious to see what Rusty had gotten his hands on, 'What does he have that I don't?' she was wondered to herself, deciding to take a venture towards him in hopes of finding out, if not sharing in, whatever it was.  This is where things got really entertaining to watch...

Rusty sees Audrey making her way towards him and knows instinctively what she's after, deciding to SPIN to the underside of the manzanita branch in an effort to avoid her and, more importantly, in an effort to secure the meal for himself.  So there he was hanging upside down with no use of his hands, because they were preoccupied with his "cricket on the cob", all in an effort to evade the inquisitive nature of his cage mate.  He cracks me up :)  And there she was walking back and forth on top of the branch, trying to figure out what he had and how she could get to it.

Anyway, I felt bad for Audrey, because I had only put one cricket in the dish and Rusty had gotten to it first.  So, being the good Mommy that I am, I decide to go get another cricket and offer it SOLELY to Audrey.  She was interested but decided against taking it.  Like you said, it's an acquired taste.  She returned to the food dish for some more tasty mealworms :)

Well, they devoured the first batch of insects; like I said, I really didn't put that many in (2 crickets and 4 or so mealworms).  They looked hungry, licking the food dish clean, putting their full bodies in it hoping that that would result in finding some more insects; needless to say, I decided to give them a few more - not many - just a few more mealworms (again, about 4) and then 2 grasshoppers (I hadn't put any in with the first batch of insects and decided that I would give them their first taste of these). 

When I returned to the room, not too long afterwards, they had gone back to bed and had, sure enough, left NOT EVEN A TRACE of what had been offered.  Oh yes, they licked the dish clean, for sure!!

Boy, it didn't take long for them to acquire a taste for insects, haha!! I am so pleased by their response. I can now include them as a regular part of their diet :)

Thanks again for not only recommending but for also selling the various Cans 'O Insects to me!  Success!!

Bye bye for now :)


Lisa says: Got bugs?  Gliders love 'em, you get them here.


We just got our first order of Zookeepers Secret, and the breeders pack.  We gave some to Samson and Delilah - they ate it up.  When we bought them the pet store guy sold us some hard pellet food for them to eat.  They ate it but didn't care to much for it.  I think they ate it out of habit. But they love the Zookeepers. We can't wait to use the vitamins and the Arnold's Choice Possum Milk Replacer.  We just found out right after we put in our order that our other female Trixi is pregnant!!  We just wanted to tell ya'll how much our babies love their new staple food !!

Lots of Glider Love -  Damon, Barbara, Delilia, Samson, Trixi, and Rascal (plus two in the pouch!!)

P.S.  Tell Arnold and the gang we said HI!!  Arnold

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