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About Sugar Glider Naturals

Sugar Glider Naturals™ is a line of products developed exclusively for SunCoast Sugar Gliders by experts in the fields of herbology and botanics.  Long before "green" was considered cool, these folks sought out new ways to develop products from non-toxic, natural sources.  With  nearly 30 years experience in the industry, they are considered pioneers today.

In the late 1970's and early 1980's (...just shut up if you weren't born yet!), traditional products were using more and more harsh chemicals, compliments of "weird science".  As our team of experts had kids during this time, they looked for more natural alternatives to make safer products for beings and the environment.  But creating the products was only half the battle.

It took years of trial and error before their formulations were considered effective enough to go up against the harsher chemical products.  After all, if a product doesn't work, then it doesn't make much difference if it's non-toxic and natural!

We are honored to be working with this team of specialized researchers, formulators and chemists to help us develop non-toxic, natural formulas for sugar gliders. The ingredients used in the Sugar Glider Naturals™ line are sourced directly from Mother Nature.  To preserve the integrity of these products, we only use HDPE (#2) plastic bottles in packaging, so there are no issues with toxins leaching into the Naturals line.

An Important Note about Ingredients:

The ingredients in this line are natural botanicals (come from plants) that are non-toxic to humans and animals. They are extremely gentle and can be used a on baby's tender skin. We only create formulations that are safe enough to be ingested, although we don't recommend it!  Examples of the kinds of ingredients used in these products are essential plant oils and other plant-based extracts, mixed with distilled water.  Ingredients are certified to be free of carcinogens and other hazardous substances.

It is critical to be aware that just because a product claims it is natural does not mean it is safe.  For example, "arsenic" is completely natural, but it's also poisonous.  Petroleum distillates are also natural, but there have been reports that some may cause cancer.  In fact, many "natural products" listing their ingredients intentionally exclude the small percentage of synthetic chemicals included; a product can be officially called "natural" under NPA guidelines with only 95% natural ingredients.

We believe it is important to share what we have learned during our product formulation processes, so we have listed potentially dangerous ingredients included in many "natural" products on the market today:

1,4 dioxane
Nonylphenol Ethoxylates
Glycol Ethers
Pine Oil
Coconut Diethanolamide

The Sugar Glider Naturals™ line contains none of these ingredients.

Even if a product contains an ingredient list and claims to be safe, natural and biodegrable, we encourage you to ask the company whether their product(s) contain any of those listed above.  Because these ingredients  often exist in extremely small amounts, companies claim the miniscule amounts are harmless, which is a belief also shared by some government regulators.  But we think about it this way:

Sugar gliders are tiny little animals, so a teensy amount here, along with a smidgen there, has the potential to add up over time.  It's better to be safe than sorry.

Lastly, not all the ingredients we use to formulate these products can be classified as organic, as defined by the USDA's organic certification process (which typically takes 5 years, by the way).  However, the ingredients are certified to be free of carcinogens and other hazardous substances commonly found in synthetic ingredients (see list above).  Our product formulators have cultivated relationships with the most reputable suppliers and distillers all over the world.

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