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OOAK Handmade Pewter Sugar Glider Pendant on Cord

Discontinued, try Glider Charms

We are thrilled to offer this one-of-a-kind (OOAK) handcrafted sugar glider pendant, made exclusively for SunCoast Sugar Gliders by Florida jewelry artist, Merry Rosenfield. Merry specializes in designing lifelike animal jewelry in a variety of metals and polymer clay.

Merry has beautifully captured the personality and warmth of the sugar glider with an amazing attention to detail. The traditional markings of our favorite marsupial - the striping, long tail, webbed feet, big eyes, inside of ears, etc. - are represented with incredible precision. Even the profile provides a realistic side view of the face, feet and tail.  The work is meticulously carved, molded, and then handcrafted in pewter.

It comes on an 18" rubber cord that is centered between two black beads (one bead per side). You can easily slip off the pendant and beads if you want to wear it on a different chain, cord or ribbon. The sturdy ring soldered on top of the pendant can also be threaded through a key ring to provide some versatility.

The pendant itself is made from a very high quality, lead-free pewter. Rugged and organic, it has a similar look to oxidized sterling silver without the tarnishing (...or huge price tag!)  Lobster claw clasp and related hardware on the necklace itself are made from silver-plated brass.

The length of the pendant (from the very top of the soldered ring to the bottom of the tail) is 1.5"; the width (from leg to leg) is 1". The pendant size is substantial without being too big.

The organic look of the pewter, set off against a black rubber cord and black beads, give it an urban hip vibe. So it works with everything from super casual to dressed up. Plus, the neutral palette makes it perfect girls and guys of all ages, shapes and sizes.

If you are a lover of all things sugar glider, then you will LOVE this piece! And what a great gift for the glider lover!

OOAK Handmade Pewter 
Sugar Glider Pendant on Cord          

Shipping Information
Dimensions Glider is 1 1/2 inches, from the top of ring to bottom of tail, width 1 inch.  Cord 18 inches.
Weight 1 oz

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