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GliderVet Newsletter's Exotic Pet Expert    

Dr. C. Says .. 

If you already own or have decided to purchase an exotic pet, such as a sugar glider, it is important to realize that their health often depends on specific care requirements.  Many disease conditions develop due to inappropriate husbandry.  In other words, you must become familiar with all aspects of the animal's needs such as feeding, housing, and temperature, just to name a few. 

That's why I created these newsletter articles for SunCoast.  I hope this series will enable you to provide your pet with the best possible care.  Topics covered include:

Medical Check Ups
Zoonotic Diseases
Specific Disease Conditions Seen in Captive Sugar Gliders 
Housing and Habitat
Behavioral Issues
Hand Rearing Joeys
Safety issues in the Home Environment
Pet Product Safety

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If you want to search the newsletter database, enter your search terms in the box below and click the "Search Newsletters" button:

All I can say is if you wish to keep exotic pets, please do it right.  The animals depend on you alone to provide them with a long, happy and fulfilling life.  If you want to sign up for the free monthly newsletter, you can do so using the form below my signature.

In Dedication to Animals,

exotic pet vet

Read all about Dr. C.'s background here.

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your resource for safety first, expert advice on our sugar glider friends!  Whether you are a veterinarian, a glider veteran, or a sugar glider owner wanna-be, you need to read GliderVet!  Click here and send the blank e-mail or use the form below:

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