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SunCoast's Sugar Glider Customers Speak  Arnold

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I just can't thank SunCoast Sugar Gliders enough!  How can I sing thy praises?  I got my two babies just three days ago, and they are both darlings!  Lucy - the littler one - is very docile and loves to play with anyone.  I think that Mina, my big girl, might be a late bloomer, and is a little scared of her new home and humans. 

I just adore my babies! With my travel pouch I can carry them around with me everywhere!  Just drop in an apple chunk, and give  them a sip of water and they are good to go.  Its so funny taking them around; Mina will make a noise and everyone around jumps and goes "What's that!?" and I say "Oh! That's my Sugar Gliders!"  Everyone goes, "Awww how cute!  Where did you get them?" when I show them the darling pair, and I reply, "Oh! A breeder in St. Pete - SunCoast Sugar Gliders- they are THE BEST!"  And they are! 

Lisa was just a dream, and answered all of my questions - and even  told me - "Now that you have some of my babies you're stuck with me for at least 15 years!"  I totally believe her, she cares so much about "her babies" she wants to make sure they have good humans to take care of them.  I hope I do her proud - Mina and Lucy are two spoiled little babies!  I love them to death!

Thank You SO much!

Dear Lisa and Debbie,

I just wanted to send you an email to let you know how great your sugar glider food, Zookeeper's Secret is!  My gliders just love it.  I have tried many other sugar glider pelleted foods and they wouldn't even touch them.  But when I gave them this food, they couldn't get enough!  And their coats are so full and healthy now, I can't believe the difference.  They are so healthy thanks to the addition of this food.  I'm glad that you have it, I will always purchase from you as everything is so fresh.  And thank you for being the best sugar glider breeders!  You answer any questions and are always there to help.

Thanks again,
Lynn A.

I first e-mailed Lisa about her gliders roughly nine months ago. She responded instantly, and was very friendly and helpful.  I decided that I wanted to get different colored gliders though.  So, I got a cage and was put on waiting lists. I waited... and waited ... and waited.  I had to do something while waiting, so I tried sticking my two year old in the cage and feeding her glider food (you see, I already had glideritis pre- gliders), and soon even that wasn't helping.  

I went to a pet expo and there was this really cute and sweet glider.  So, I had to hold him.  Then my hubby bought him.  I was SO happy I finally had a glider!  Then, my EVIL hubby named the glider Twiggy and claimed him as his own!!  Now I had to stare at my hubby's glider all day (starry eyed) and jealous.  We were headed for divorce, after all he STOLE my glider!  

I had heard LOTS of good things about Lisa and Debbie and their gliders, so I wrote Lisa again asking about gliders... She answered my 1,001 questions about Twiggy and sent me two beautiful cinnie girls.  While I was waiting on the girls, it was decided at the last minute that we were going to go on a trip.  So I needed a travel cage, plus a cage the girls could live in at first when I got them.  I was considering a reptarium, but was nervous about them breaking and how to hang everything.  

Once again Lisa saved the day, she said she had a cage for me, and she could get it to me in time for my trip!  Twiggy loved the cage, he loved jumping all around it.  It is  collapse-able, although we fit it in the car on its side.  Now, we are home and he is in his cage while the girls are in the new one.  I think Twiggy is jealous of them!  

Lisa has great products, and is an awesome person!  I have had too much fun picking on her, and she has been VERY helpful.  I have no idea how she takes care of all her gliders, and has all the time she puts into customer support.  She has spent MANY hours e-mailing and on the phone with me.  I can't wait to go to St. Pete and see her and the sugar shack in person.  Of course while she isn't looking I will be putting Sheila and Syd in my pockets!!   

:)  Valerie

Hi Lisa!
I am so sorry for not e-mailing you earlier.  We( Lexi, Binxi and I) have had a really big day!  We are making such good progress!!  We are eating now (I seem to be eating a lot healthier with these guys around!) and having tent time!  They like to play with all their toys, except for one that they were scared of.  So I just took that one away for now :)  I will be giving you a call tomorrow so we can talk about Lexi.  She seems to be doing fine, just being a good girl!  She wasn't into fruit all that much but she is really eating apples tonight! Thanks so much, you are the best breeder!  I have recommended you to all the people I know that want gliders, so I am sure you will be shipping a lot to O'Hare!  Thanks again!  Talk to you soon!


I would consider it a honor to speak about the wonderful service I received from Lisamarie at SunCoast gliders.  Not only was my little joey healthy but he came with Lisamarie! (not literally of course).  I don't think she would fit in the box but what I mean is the constant communication she gave me thru e-mails and phone calls.  She just doesn't sell you a glider and run but she makes herself available to answer any questions and concerns you may have.

I feel very fortunate not only to I have a wonderful addition to my menagerie but I literally have a SugarNana that I can talk to about my sugarglider. Not only am I pleased but my first sugarglider Chi Chi (which I got at a pet shop & I will never buy from there again! now that I found Lisamarie) is so content she literally melted when she and Chico finally got to check each other out.  It literally was a hallmark moment they were so happy to see each other. 

It was amazing!  Here are 2 gliders from separate communities yet they behaved like they came from the same pouch!  Lisamarie is a true animal lover. She not only sells beautiful loving creatures but she understands these deeply sensitive animals.  I'm so glad to have my Chico and a SugarNana to boot together its a sweet combination!  I will always do my business with SunCoast Sugar Gliders.  Thank you for making my recent purchase an incredible life experience! 

Viva La Glider!


Hello Lisa! 

I just wanted you to know that we are very happy.  Our new babies are beautiful and healthy.  At first I was a little worried about the plane trip but again you make it right.  I am so glad we decided to deal with you, your professionalism and love for your animals sets you apart from the rest.  I feel so confident knowing that if I got any question you are going to be there to answer it.  You really know what you are doing and that is not easy to find. 

About our babies, well, they are doing great.  They are exploring their new cage a little more everyday.  We still have not named them because we want to know them a little better so we can name them accordingly, but I will keep you posted.  Again, Thanks and keep up the good work.  And for the people out there if you are thinking about buying sugar gliders I got a few things to tell you. 

First learn as much as you can about them, second lots of love for your babies, and third, don't waste your time going anywhere else. Lisa really knows what she is doing and will help you all the way. Thanks Lisa for making this a memorable experience for us. 

Talk to you very soon!


Hey Lisa!

I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know the newsletters are WONDERFUL!  I never even thought to feed my babies meal worms.  THEY LOVE THEM!

They are both doing great.. Osmosis and Cher.  Cher still makes the distress sound (note from Lisa: called crabbing) a lot, but Osmosis is as adorable as anything.  I guess they are about 8 or 9 months old now.  No signs of joeys yet, but I'm hoping for a few. 

I bring them to school and they love the attention from my students.  I thought it would make them nervous at first, but they really like it.  My students ask every day if I have them with me.  I usually keep them in the back and bring them out at the end of each class.  The science department loves them too.

I drove them down to Louisiana for Christmas and again, everyone loved them.  I have a few pictures of Osmosis swinging from his trapeze.  I'll try to send them soon.

Well, I have to jet, but wanted to give you a quick update.


For anyone who is interested in being a sugar glider owner, SunCoast Sugar Gliders is the place to go.  In July of 2000, after hanging out at the neighborhood pet store and doing a lot of research on our own, we emailed several people listed on the Internet.  Within 24 hours we had a response from SunCoast filled with information about themselves and sugar gliders.  

As if that wasn't enough, when we called and spoke to them it was an interesting and unhurried call.  That was enough for us to know we had found the right people to deal with.  Anytime we call or email with a question or to update on how Kiwi and Gizmo are doing we feel welcome and unhurried.  Thank you!!!!!

Now to update you on our babies ..... They are both getting big.  We call Kiwi the "oinker" for obvious reasons.  The both have this need to jump off us and down to the floor.  This is Gizzy's new game.   He'll jump and then when we go to get him he'll stay there waiting for his next turn.

We finally got some crickets the other week and put both gliders in the bath tub with about four or five crickets.  They didn't like it too much  (the tub was probably too cold for them).  Gizzy did catch one however, Kiwi just stood totally still.  We gave them each a couple while holding them.  Gizzy the hunter loved it and Kiwi the passive liked them but with less enthusiasm.  Get ready to laugh .... we tried the tub the second night ... but both gliders held on to us for dear life.  So the bathtub was out from then on!  

Yesterday we bought some meal worms.  This time Gizzy the glider eagerly took the worm and popped his head out looking for more when he was done.  Kiwi the passive also took one and took his good old time eating it.  We haven't taken any GOOD pictures yet.  We need to pull out the good 35mm and get some good natural lighting.  Maybe our next try we will have some PICS to email to you.

Till Later,

Charla, Allen, Matthew, Kiwi, and Gizmo


I can't thank you enough for sitting down and meeting with me for 2+ hours when I purchased my gliders.  You answered every question that I asked and quite a few i didn't even think of.  You've made both my little babies and I very happy.

Aaron Stern

Hi Lisa, 

I think Chloe is Rachel's bestest friend.  haha!  She is just loving her up.  Thanks for helping me give her, her best birthday ever!


Hi guys,

Just a quick update on the gliders.  They are doing perfectly.  There is not a night where they can't be found tearing around looking for mischief.  The bonding is underway and they have no problem with my hands near them already.  I did a lot of research on breeders and web sites when it was time to replace my own glider, who I had for years, and by far yours touched me the most.  The way you address the gliders and their care I can tell the genuine love and care that you have for your babies.  For these reasons I have a tough time putting you in the classification of a breeder, breeder is so impersonal and you were anything but that.  Thank you for your help, care, and support through this important purchase and delivery.



This is Rachel Robinson!  Well, we've decided on Chloe as a perfect name for the little girl!  She is adapting well, as far as I can tell.  She came around all day with me today, and loves being in the carry pouch.  Her cage came out awesome and she hops all around it already!  I can stick my finger with applesauce on it in the carry pouch and she licks it all off!  I hope that she likes me as much as I like her! :)  I think she is going to be a little fitness buff...she was on that wodent wheel all night long!  Well, we should have some pictures soon of her and her new home!  I'll be sure to send you them.  Thank you sooo much for my perfect birthday surprise! 


Rachel & Chloe


I saw the cage link this morning.  LOL.  That's really funny.  Now that I look at the cage from that perspective, I GUESS it IS a bit insane. (Hmm.... Note to self: scrap the plans for the East and West wing additions to the Mansion.)

The babies are incredible!  They are SO cute.  They're a little afraid of traveling in the tubes, so I didn't force them.  I just let them alone all  yesterday and watched as they explored the tall cage (aka the North Wing).  I think I'm gonna place some food in the tubes to maybe coax them in there to explore the other cage (aka the South Wing).  They are SO cute though...

Tiny!  The male seems to be more timid though, and at one point, after the female ate most of the food (hehe) I put the male in the food dish so he knew where it was and he started chowing down.  The female has already figured out how to drink from the water bottle and everything.  I don't know if the male figured it out during the night.  I just want to thank you for a great buying experience.  I really appreciate the help and if any of my buds are interested in these little animals, I'll definitely point them to you.  

Actually, you helped inspire the quote of the week from Tina.  As we were waiting in the airport, a little door opened up near the baggage terminal and a white plastic box appeared.  Me and Tina looked at each other and she, in a moment of pure excitement, says to me: "Dude, that is SO TOTALLY them!"  LOL.  No, we don't speak that way here.  But it was pretty funny anyway.  I'll be updating you with pictures and I'll let you know as soon as they get their names.  Still struggling with them, I am.  Names are so hard.  

Thanks a lot! You've been great!



I first saw you about three weeks ago. You were holding about 10 of those precious little babies.  I fell in love instantly, but I asked you some questions about them, and my boyfriend and I left.  For 3 weeks I couldn't get them out of my mind.  I hounded my boyfriend about it till I got him to go with me to see you again.  I had already determined I was going to get 1 of them, then I thought that he would be happier if I got him a partner for life since they live so long. 

And Lou my boyfriend had asked me to marry him a couple of weeks prior.  I only had money for 1 of them, then this ingenious idea came to my mind since Lou was working so hard to save up for this expensive engagement ring I wanted.  I knew that I would love the 2 gliders more than that diamond, I made him an offer he couldn't refuse... I would trade getting the diamond for my 2 babies and they could start our new life with us.  

So after I put it in writing on 1 of your sales slips, he got me both of my babies and proposed as he hung their pouch around my neck.  On the way home we stopped and got everything he needed to build them a 3' x 3' x 6' cage.  He has been busy all afternoon getting our babies house ready for them.  He thinks he got off easy, but I know that I'm much happier with my babies!  Oh yeah, we named them Peace and Harmony. 

Bridget and Louis......

Thank you sooooo much!!!!!!!!

I just wanted to personally thank you for all your help.  I was secretly researching Sugar Gliders for months before I had the courage to tell my husband that I wanted one.  After I did I felt a lot better but still not satisfied because he didn't sound excited at all about the idea.  That of course, was because he had no clue what they were.  I had emailed Lisa several times asking questions, went on a bunch of different Websites and always came back to SunCoast Sugar Gliders.  I didn't tell my husband where I was getting my information from other then the Internet.  

He secretly began looking and researching any chance he got.  Unbeknownst to me, he was  communicating with Lisa and had been for a while.  This past Sunday we were supposed to be going up to St. Pete from Bradenton to get a Playstation 2 for my 2 sons.  Guess where we ended up?  Meeting with Lisa,  who was standing before me with 2 pouches around her neck.  It was Lisa!  I still didn't put 2 and 2 together and was still waiting to get the Playstation!

We went inside, got comfortable, and then the question came, "Are you ready to see to babies?" Still, I was a little slow but then I was overwhelmed with delight.  Lisa took 2 of the most gorgeous animals out of the pouch and handed both my husband and myself one.  Love at first sight.  This was the best surprise and it still didn't dawn on me until we got home that my husband and I were secretly talking to the same person!

We now have 2 precious little "babies", Tahoe and Rocky.  They definitely have different personalities already.  Tahoe is laid back, isn't very active unless he gets on the back of Rocky.  Rocky doesn't stand still, gliding from here to there to everywhere.  I couldn't have asked for anything more.  Thank you Lisa for all your continued support and advise and for keeping a secret.  We definitely love our new little "babies" and take pride in raising them in a healthy, happy, and secure environment.  Pictures to follow soon.  THANK YOU !!!!!

Jeff, Rachel, Kyle, Lukias,  Tahoe and Rocky Cook (our "babies")


I Had to write to tell you how much I appreciated you answering all my questions and concerns when I wanted to purchase a baby from you and have him shipped to Nashville.  I must admit at first I was a bit worried as I had read so much about not shipping a glider, as it was too stressful for them.  That is not the case.

My baby arrived and he was so happy tucked inside his little sleeping pouch, he seemed as though he didn't even realize he had been on a plane.  When I opened his shipping box he just looked at me closed his eyes and went right back to sleep!

He has instantly adjusted to his new home.  He ate a great dinner, played and met his new mate.  He has adjusted much better than the glider baby I bought right here in Nashville.

Just goes to show if shipping is done right and with care, it does not harm the babies any more than a car ride home. And You definitely do it right!  Thanks Lisa for all the help you gave me, and the calls to make sure my baby arrived safely.


We just got our babies home.  Izma and Cronk are not to sure what to make of them in the new cage.  They are about a foot apart for now until we get the room situated.  Not too much of moving things around for now though.   Still cannot think of names yet.  We will give it a few days to think of some.  We are really happy to have met you both.  It was nice to sit and be able and ask questions about sugar gliders.  Steve and I can't thank you enough for your love for them, they are really friendly because of that.  We think the bonding process will be much easier than with the others we have gotten from elsewhere.  Thanks Again. WE LOVE OUR LITTLE "COUPLE".  We will be sure to tell others to visit your web page and of all the support you give your new owners and sugar gliders.         

With All Our Love,

Steven & Cathy

I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Bordelon with the hopes of owning  a pair of gliders. I have not met Debbie Weiler, the other half of SunCoast Sugar Gliders, but I feel sure that she must also be a very kind and caring person.  I would recommend the purchase of a Sugar Glider from SunCoast Sugar Gliders to anyone who is willing to devote the time necessary to these exotic precious animals.  Lisa gave full instructions, hints that might be helpful in bonding with the gliders and evaluates the prospective buyer for each and every glider she has for sale.  This is most important; she is not money hungry!  Her primary interest is that the gliders go to a good home.

Andree, and gliders Nonnie and Laki

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