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Vionate Vitamin / Mineral Nutritional Supplement

Vionate Vitamin / Mineral
Nutritional Supplement 8 oz


Get Vionate plus Rep-Cal and Possum 
Milk Replacer
for $23.38, Save $4.12

Product ID # 5004

SunCoast Sugar Gliders has chosen Vionate as its vitamin and mineral supplement of choice for several reasons.  First of all, Vionate is made for warm blooded animals, like mammals and is suitable for small mammals like sugar gliders.  Many of the recommended supplements are made for reptiles and their supplementation needs can be quite different. Also, Dr. C told us to use Vionate as she has used this product for many years and trusts that Gimborn, the manufacturer, is an established company that produces high quality products for the industry.

In the process of reviewing vitamin and mineral supplements, we checked out several of the sugar glider specific brands and found out two things.  The formulation of their product and Vionate is not that different.  Also, the prices for the sugar glider supplements were significantly higher and in our opinion, all you were getting for the money was a picture of a sugar glider on the packaging.  Bogus!

The fact of the matter is that many of us warm blooded creatures, humans included, require many of the same vitamins and minerals.  Our primary focus is to bring you the highest quality product we could identify at the best value.  And that product is Vionate.

Because of a sugar gliders nocturnal nature and very fine bone structure, we also recommend that you add some additional calcium supplementation to your sugar glider's diet.  We've asked Dr. C to perform this product review personally, as she is much more experienced in matters of nutritional supplementation than we are. She has chosen a particular Rep-Cal calcium product as best.

This Vionate formula contains 21 essential vitamins and minerals.  Because it is a highly potent formula, we recommend care in giving this product to your precious pets.  Too high a vitamin dosage can be just as damaging as not enough.  Through our experience, we find that creating batches of food or treats, and administering the vitamins in batch formulas will help prevent over-dosage of these important supplements.

If you are using Leadbeater's Mix as the primary part of your sugar gliders diet, we recommend a dosage of 1 Teaspoon of Vionate and 2 Teaspoons of Rep-Cal Calcium per single batch.

We like to make our supplement mix in large batches so it lasts for awhile; we use One part Vionate, One part Green Label Rep-Cal, and Two parts Arnold's Choice Possum Milk Replacer.  If you want to make a small batch and are using a tablespoon, use One tablespoon Vionate, One tablespoon  Repcal, and Two tablespoons Arnold's Choice Possum Milk Replacer.  It doesn't matter what size measure you use as long as you keep the ratios in the same proportions.  

Feed 1/4 teaspoon of this mix per two gliders each night.  We supplement only one course in the nightly meal, either by a quick shake from a cheese shaker or you can use a 1/4 teaspoon measure.  We prefer putting mix on the food that we know the gliders will eat the most of that night, to ensure they are getting their supplements.  We do not add the supplements to the staple food as gliders will typically eat their fresh foods first and the staple food is already nutritionally Balanced.

Vionate comes in a long lasting 8 ounce screw top bottle.  One container of Vionate will last about 1 year for two sugar gliders depending on your feeding plan.

Vionate Supplement                       $7.91

Get One Vionate Vitamin supplement - A 1 year supply for 2 gliders


One Rep-Cal Calcium supplement
A 1/2 year supply for 2 gliders

for only $11.70,

Save $3.53 -->

Supplement Pack: Get One bag Arnold's Choice Possum Milk Replacer, One bottle Vionate, and One jar Rep-Cal for $23.38,

Save $4.12 --> 


















Shipping Information
Dimensions 5 in x 1 in x 1 in
Weight 8 oz / 0.5 lb

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