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Starter Kits 

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    Starter Kits - Everything you Need!

    If you are planning to set up a new habitat for sugar gliders and you have your own cage or are going to build one, check out our three special starter kit deals.  If you need a cage with your supplies, click here.

    Our Good Deal Starter Kit contains the essential staple feeding and nutrition supplies you need to raise healthy and happy sugar gliders - our Nutrition Pack: Wholesome Balance staple food, vitamins and calcium supplement.  Just add a source of fresh protein, fruit and vegetables, and fresh water.  While there are several paths to good nutrition, there is a lot of just plain wrong information out there on sugar glider nutrition.  Confused on the topic of nutrition?  See what our vet has to say.

    For more info on using these products and caring for sugar gliders, check out The Sugar Glider Stork is Coming Guide (PDF).  It's a comprehensive guide covering everything you need to know to set-up and use the products in your starter kit, with lots of tips on caring for, feeding, and bonding with your sugar gliders.

    Our Better Deal Starter Kit adds basic needs for comfort and care.  It includes all items in the Good Deal Starter Kit above plus a glass water bottle, a pouch for bonding, and a pouch for sleeping.

    Our Best Deal Starter Kit includes everything you need to provide a nice home for sugar gliders including exercise toys.  In addition to all items in the Better Deal Starter Kit above, you get the Wodent Wheel Senior for running, Two Rope Toys for climbing, the Feather Teaser for bonding and horsing around, plus an extra sleeping pouch for wash day!

    Food cups are not included with these No Cage Kits as most cages come with them.  If you need food cups too, check out our Feeding Cup Set.

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