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Just a Nemo - Disney Licensed

DISNEY licensed!  Express your individuality with Arnold's Cage Jewelry!  Buy a "habitat bracelet" and adorn it with your uniqueness. Are you a Disney fan? We have three characters available in the Nemo Collection and if you love Nemo the best, you can get just a Nemo! Nemo comes on a stainless steel swivel hook and is made of heavy duty, child safe plastic. Not easy to chew, I know because I tried to chew it. LOL. OK, so I like sushi, but I would never, ever eat Nemo sushi because it's not how I roll! Nemo measures approximately 2 inches by 2 inches. Arnold is going to do his very best in giving Jared's Pandora Collection some real competition!  This product is part of Arnold's Venus Collection! Want the whole Nemo Collection? Get Nemo, Squirt and Dory and save $1.

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A small cable tie is included with each charm so you can easily secure your individual expression to your habitat bracelet.

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