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Marble Feed Bowl "Fossil Oceana" - 3 inches

If sugar gliders could design a china pattern, THIS WOULD BE IT! See the fossilized bugs in real marble? PURE LUXURY for only $5! It's simply "MARBELOUS". Perfect size bowl for a sugar glider dining room.   The pictures don't do this justice   These are really fine quality marble bowls and after I kept as many as I needed (I wanted to keep them all!) I am putting them on the website so that your ultra spoiled sugar glider can have a million dollar look without spending the big bucks!  These bowls are three inches in diameter, which is the perfect size for a full course serving for several sugar gliders. Since we recommend three courses, check out our three pack special! An even better bargain!

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We sell stainless steel feed cups for $5.16.  I was able to buy a large quantity  of these unique, one of a kind marble bowls at closeout prices, so you get a lot more for your money.  Granted the stainless steel feed cups come with a hook to hang them, and this magnifico marble bowl will not hang.  It is, however, perfect for the dining room.  This is not your standard kitchen plate.  This is elegant, formal dining room service at plain old ceramic prices.  I know you will be pleased with the look, quality and craftsmanship.  Ceramic crocks, which are not nearly as attractive are typically more expensive than these marble bowls on most pet websites and pet retail stores.  You just can't compare ceramic to marble.

Each bowl has a unique pattern and pictures really don't do them justice.  I've posted examples of what some of the unique patterns may look like to give you an idea of what yours will look like. Because these were made by Mother Nature, each has its own unique and distinctive pattern.  Art by nature!  If sugar gliders could design there own china pattern, THIS WOULD BE IT!  There are clear fossils in each of these bowls and a lot of them look suspiciously like meal worms.  Some look like big june bugs and you might even find a snail.  It is a potpourri of bug and creepy crawly action fossilized forever.  

The finish is smooth and polished, so they are easy to clean and care for.


Let's face it.  Our sugar glider cages often occupy a place of prominence in our homes.  And most of us humans want to have an attractive and well outfitted environment for our fuzzy gliding buddies.  Personally, I love the look and weight of the marble feeding bowls.There is enough heft that these bowls won't be flipped over.  I also love the ease of cleaning!

These bowls measure on average  3" in diameter and 1.25" height.  Because these are handcrafted, there is some variance in the sizes, and all of them quite perfect in size for sugar glider feasting.

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