Sugar Glider Education

Silly Bird Popups - TWO for $1

INTERACTIVE TOY - use out of the cage only.  These silly little popups are fun for the whole family.  They really get the attention of all of the household's fuzzy family.  I got them for the sugar gliders and have seen quite a few different reactions ranging from extreme curiosity to head for the hills.  My dogs are really intrigued and I can only imagine that cats would find these stimulating too.  This is a fun out of the cage game you can play and great to enjoy with your children and grandchildren.  Silly bird popups bring out the smiles in everyone.   Simply push down on the bird's big ole head, and in seconds it will pop up about 1 foot off the surface.  This is a supervised toy.  The "bird" part of the toy is about 1 inch, and the whole toy slightly over 2 inches.  It is lightweight.  When ordering this product, the colors you will receive will be random.  They come in blue, purple, green and flesh tones.   

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