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Sugar Glider Hula Hoops 6 count

OK, so they're not really hula hoops, just don't tell your sugar gliders, because they may want to wear them around their waist or carry them in their tail, or play ring toss.  These little bangle bracelets are 2.5 inches in diameter and a commonly used toy in the sugar glider community.  This can be used as a re-set toy, or hang them on your ears and let your sugar gliders take them off!  (Be sure to send us pictures of that!)  This is a simple essential product like the little black dress for a lady, or socks for a guy.  What more can I say?  If you like it, then you better put a ring on it!  Don't take my word.  Ask Beyonce', cuz Beyonce' Knows!

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These items are made of hard acrylic plastic, and are too hard to be chewed by sugar gliders.  Inside of the acrylic are little sparkly things to brighten up the day.  They come in four essential colors and we try to package them so you get at least one of each color, but sometimes things are more random than that.  When we bulk order inexpensive items like this, we can't specify colors.  It's not like we're buying a car, right?

Size;  2.5 inch diameter

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