Sugar Glider Education

Alien - Fresh from Area 51

This out of this world action figure is an extraterrestial version of Gumby.  This is a bendable toy that you can pose any way you want. The alien toy measures four inches tall and comes equipped with a stainless steel eye hook for easy hanging.  Imagine the great photo opportunities you will experience with your sugar glider hanging out with his almost sugar glider life size alien buddy. I know I'm not the only sci-fi geek out there. So get this little alien dude, live long, and prosper! 

Express your individuality with Arnold's Cage Jewelry! Buy a "habitat bracelet" and decorate your way.  Or just hang it up as is, maybe next to the sleeping pouch like a silent guard at Buckingham Palace.

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A small cable tie is included with each charm so you can easily secure your individual expression to your habitat bracelet.

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