Sugar Glider Education

Ring Thing on a Spring

For years we have been giving away  "Ring Things", an Arnold original item.  It's one of our FREE GIFTS.  It goes in line with one of our mottos here which goes like this:  Let No Fleece Go to Waste!   The ring thing has been popular with our customers for a very long time, so I've been messing around with this idea and we came up with a ring thing on a 1 inch diameter spring!  The springs are essentially tiny slinkies and come in a variety of shapes like hearts, squares, and stars to name just a few of the geometric shapes these come in.  The springs are in pastel rainbow colors and these too will vary from spring to spring.  We buy these springs in bulk and don't know exactly what shapes or colors each spring will be until they arrive (it's really cheap when you buy this way!)  To that we added a nickle plated pear clip and voila, there you have it, an awesome inexpensive in the cage play toy called RING THING ON A SPRING!  It is always Spring Time as SunCoast Sugar Gliders. 


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