Sugar Glider Education

Plastic Slinky - Rainbow - 3 inch diameter

I used to love slinkies when I was a kid.  Hmmm, I still love slinkies.  So I tried them with my sugar gliders and they must take after Mom!   These 3 inch diameter plastic slinkies are a riotous sugar glider toy.  They climb on the inside, the outside and go for nice bouncy rides, especially when someone else tries to hi-jack their ride!   This slinky is wide enough that even a real chubster won't get stuck inside and they are lightweight plastic, so there is no pinch hazard.  I suggest hanging these from the top of your habitat using two cable ties (included) and make sure you catch up the top two rings of the slinky so it doesn't slip off accidentally.  How long will it get you say?  Well, I'm 5'8" and it goes longer than my height, but only if stretched out.  Otherwise it will hang 2.5-ish feet down.   Viva La Slinky!


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