Sugar Glider Education

Barrel of Monkeys - Orange - 12 pieces

Barrel plus monkeys is a grand old throwback toy that gliders really love!  They love the barrel, they love the monkeys and they will find all sorts of ways to express their own needs for stimulation with this toy.  Some will play monkey toss (hope you weren't scared during that flying monkey scene in Wizard of Oz), or they might play hide the monkey and you may find a pouch full of monkies in the morning.  One of my favorites is bonk the dog on the head with a monkey, but be careful, because big dogs and small children just might pick up these wayward monkies and eat them (and that would not be good).  We got these toys on a closeout sale, so we are able to offer them at special pricing for our special customers.  These monkeys might be tail carried and I even had one sugar glider that preferred them in the barrel and she would hang them up (only for the other gliders to take them down to play one of the other aforementioned games).

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