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Bendable Tree Branch

We cannot emphasize it enough - variety in enrichment activities is a must for your sugar gliders’ habitat.  The more stimulation, the less opportunity for boredom, which is a dirty word when keeping captive wildlife.  Sugar gliders are intelligent animals that need access to an assortment of accessories that will stimulate, challenge and encourage exercise.

Natural looking tree branch you can shape into any form. Now Waterproof!

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We are pleased to offer a waterproofanimal-safe bendable branch, which you can custom fit to any size cage. Now just try doing that with real tree branches!  In a cage, these bendable branches look like real branches supplied by Mother Nature herself!  Sugar gliders keep themselves entertained while climbing, hanging and traveling about on this manufactured product that mimics branches in the natural habitat.

While sugar gliders are territorial, and may live most of their lives in a single tree, keep in mind that the landscape of that tree changes constantly.   Leaves
fall off and new ones grow, branches grow, branches break off, new branches grow in.  So there is always a subtle change happening in the natural environment.  With a bendable branch, you can continually change things around in the habitat to create subtle differences in the gliders’ environment, just as nature would.

One of our favorite things about this product is that you can customize it to provide easy entry to feed dishes or create a perfect ramp right up to the holes of the wodent wheel.  Connect branches by wrapping them around each other to create your own sugar glider superhighway.  Attach leafy vines  in strategic places to create hideouts.  Use several flexible branches and leafy vines to create a dense jungle atmosphere.  And for the ultimate sugar glider retreat, combine both the bendable branch and leafy vines with a Coconut Treehouse.

The flexible nature of this accessory provides opportunity  to create an endless variety of shapes.  It can be bent and twisted into coils, curlicues, spirals, corkscrews, loops – you name it!  Bend it into a circle, a triangle, a rectangle, a square or any other geometric shape you’d like.  Not only is this a ton of fun for your suggie, but even you may become addicted to changing the habitat!

Here at SunCoast, we are always getting calls from folks asking about branches for sugar glider cages.  Please, don’t go cutting branches from your back yard unless you are absolutely sure that they are non-toxic plants that have not been sprayed with herbicides/pesticides; and you also have to make sure those branches are not home to bugs, termites or other nasties.  Talk about a hassle!

As with all sugar glider accessories we select, our top priorities are safety for your critters and value for our customers.  These bendable branches are completely sterile and constructed of a completely non-toxic rubber-like material.  At first, we thought the gliders may chew them up, but we’ve been pleased with how durable this product is.  We’ve been testing these for two years now and most of them still look brand new!

The tough, naturally textured surface looks like the real thing, but it’s actually a bit softer to the touch than a real branch.  And here’s another super duper cool feature – these branches won’t absorb waste.  So unlike natural wood which will absorb urine, and ultimately smell awful, this branch is urine resistant!  How cool is that?!

The bendable branches are constructed for heavy duty action, but are lightweight, and they should last a long time, even with sugar gliders that like to chew.  Nevertheless, some pets are overachievers when it comes to wearing toys down and if toys become frayed, overly chewed, have holes where holes should not exist, etc .. get rid of the toy and replace it with something more suitable for your pets personality.  We still encourage you to check the branches from time to time to ensure that wear and tear has not made a safe toy a potential hazard.

When stretched taught, the bendable branch measures nearly 73 inches.  And yes, you read that right – that’s over over 6 feet!  The branch is just under 1/2 inch wide  so will fit between and be wrapped around the bars of the average glider-safe cage, or attaching to objects with our favorite invention - cable ties!

Cleaning and maintenance is easy, especially if you use the Sugar Glider Naturals cleaning approach.  Just wipe with Cage & Toy Wash to start bacterial odor protection, and spritz with Cage & Toy Shield to repel liquids and grime.  Repeat for each cleaning cycle.  Or, just soak with your regular toy cleaning routine to loosen dirt.

We do not see this as a substitute for toys like the rope toy, as this one is more stationary and ropes give a more of a swinging effect.  While the two may be used in similar ways, such as providing easy access to feed stations, the stimulation gained from the two products are quite different.  And both products may be used in a habitat simultaneously.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to keep your sugar gliders’ mind and body as busy as possible.  A busy, stimulated sugar glider is a happy, healthy and well-adjusted pet!

  • Weight 0.4 lbs each
  • Size: The bendable branch is just over 6 feet long when stretched taught; just under 1/2 inch thick.

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