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Sugar Glider Coconut Treehouse

Hideaway. Playhouse. Nest box. Forager. Ladder. Bridge. Sleep retreat. The Coconut Treehouse is all of these things....and then some! We love multi-tasking toys as much as - maybe even more than - our sugar gliders do!

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The coconut is a full 4.5" in diameter with a 2.5" opening; rope hanger from top of coconut is 5" long.    When a sugar glider wants to nap, or just needs some "me time", it's an ideal hideaway.  But it also makes the perfect "love shack" for hanging out with another buddy.  And don't feel left out, because you can hide treats inside and get your posse started on a fun foraging frenzy!

Gliders often like their SWAG hung up high in the cage, which can be done easily, and in a variety of ways!  Your can offer your gliders options for a little variety on playing in their Coconut Treehouse by making quick adjustments with the attached ladder.

Hang the Coconut Treehouse from the clip above the coco shell and watch your gliders run up and down the ladder.  If you leave the clip under the ladder loose, then it will swing and sway back and forth.  Or clip the ladder so it is in the a vertical position and it will be more secure, kinda like a glider's version of a stairclimber.  Either way, the ladder will keep your fuzzbutt fast, fit and fierce!

But it doesn't stop there!  You can convert "the ladder" into a bridge by securing the bottom of the ladder to the cage horizontally, changing the "stairmaster" into a "cross walk"! And by changing it up, you will also keep your gliders guessing to keep them mentally challenged.  Wood ladder is 6" long and 2.5" wide; the rope loop at bottom of ladder adds 2".

When keeping exotic pets in captive environments, the best thing we can do for them is to emulate their free range environment because it's what they instinctively know and like.  In the wild, sugar gliders live in tree hollows, so the coconut and other natural materials provide a similar environment.

And gliders also like to change where they sleep from time to time, so this is a great alternative to a nice fluffy fleece pouch or  a cave!  Feel free to make some fun nesting material by cutting up old sweatshirts or baby blankets.  BUT, don't stuff them in the coconut - let the sugar gliders do that. It's an enriching activity for them AND they can do it just the way they like it!

The Coconut Treehouse is constructed of glider-safe natural eco-friendly materials (coconut shell, rubberwood, sisal rope) and nickel-plated pear clips.  

Now for a very important detail.  We've drilled several small holes in the bottom of the coconut so  any "liquids" that might get trapped inside will drain out.  For more odor protection, don't forget to pre-treat this - and all your cage items - with Cage Wash and / or Cage Shield to help keep odors under control and make future cleanings a snap.  For in between odor control, you can spray Clean+Green directly on and inside the Coconut Treehouse.

On its own, this multi-tasker can be a ladder, a bridge, a hideaway, a sleeping area, a foraging environment and more!  And to create the ultimate Swiss Family Robinson treehouse in the woods, wrap the ladder with Leafy Vines and let the foliage drape.

  • Weight 8 ounces each.
  • Size: Coconut is 4.5" wide with 2.5" opening. Wood ladder is 6" long and 2.5" wide. Rope hanger from top of coconut is 5" long; the rope loop at bottom of ladder adds 2".

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