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Spinwheel Foraging Toy

The Spinwheel Foraging Toy is a 2-in-1 toy for your sugar gliders!  First, your glider can "take a spin" without you having to worry about them taking out your car!  But then you can have some quality interactive fun with your fur babies by hiding some treats like Yogurt Drops or Papaya and Mango chunks inside the colorful sticks and watch them get busy hunting for prizes.  We love, love, love toys that provide both physical AND mental stimulation.  Remember, bored gliders can wreak havoc...

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The shape and bright colors of this toy kind of reminded us of a pinwheel.  But we've sure never seen any pinwheel that  spins AND can be used as a foraging toy!

You see, the colored wood block with all the colored sticks in it spins freely on the end of the wooden dowel.  Some of our sugar gliders perch their cute fuzzbutts on the wood dowel and just chill.  Our more agile, athletic "jocks" prefer to bat the spinner - and they can really get it going sometimes!  But hands down, the most universal appeal is the foraging part.  We don't know many gliders that don't have a hearty appetite, especially for treats!

As is common with us here at the Sugar Shack, we just LOVE bright, colorful toys that are not only multi-purpose, but also have a bit of a vintage look to them.  After all, it looks cool mounted to the side of your gliders' habitat.

Now for a very important detail.  This toy was originally made with zinc-plated metal parts, which we're not fond of here at SunCoast.  But no worries, we replaced any parts that would be inside the cage or come in contact with it (the bolt and mounting washers) with stainless steel parts.  It was a labor of love, because we think this toy is just delightful for sugar gliders!  So please note: if you see this toy for sale elsewhere, it probably has zinc-plated parts.  Enough said!

The colorful sticks are paper lollipop sticks, so if you have an overachieving glider (i.e., ones that love to chew wood, paper and anything that can be chewed), then this toy may not be the best choice for you.  We recommend acrylic toys for overachievers, you can find a variety on our toy page.

This toy is 8" long, from the end of the wood dowel with the cage mount on it to the far opposite face of the wood block.  From the tip of lolly sticks on one side across the wood block to the tip of the lolly sticks on the other side is 6".

Don't forget to pre-treat this - and all - your sugar gliders' toys with Cage Wash and / or Cage Shield to help keep odors under control and make future cleanings a snap.

  • Weight .33 lbs each.
  • Size: 8" long, 6" wide from tip of lolly stick across wood block to tip of lolly stick

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