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OOAK Needle Felted Sugar Glider

Handcrafted Miniature by Katie Fulford

This One Of A Kind (OOAK) miniature felt sugar glider has been lovingly handcrafted using the method of needle felting. And just like the real sugar glider who stole your heart, each has its own unique personality, so no two are alike.  The artist has captured the unique characteristics of the sugar glider in a miniature version.

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Needle felting is an extremely time consuming process, whereby wool fibres are felted together with a special barbed needle, which gradually knots the fibres together to form a solid shape.  It is a rare art form, requiring much patience, concentration and attention to detail.  Each one of these miniature needle felted suggies takes nearly two hours to create.

Made from the finest quality wool and alpaca fibre, this precious miniature measures only 7/8", excluding its distinctive long 1" tail.  Given its size, the realistic details on this li'l sweet pea are amazing:

* The face is ivory, except for the eyes, nose, ears and striping

* Beaded glistening eyes, surrounded by dark rims, make the sugar glider's eyes a central focus of its face.

* Pointy ears, which are "large" in proportion to the face, are pink inside and rimmed by black along the edges.

* The nose and feet are also hand felted in pink.

* The distinctive sugar glider striping travels from the top of the head to the base of the tail.

* The tail is longer than the body and is slightly furrier, just like a real sugar glider.

Katie Fulford is the uber-talented artist behind this incredible creation.  An avid animal lover, she handcrafts miniature felt animals from her studio in Canada.  Her creations include exotics, domestics, woodlands, farm animals - and everything in between.  Click here to visit Katie's Etsy shop.

But one treasure you won't find in Katie's awesome shop is this sweet li'l suggie, which Katie handcrafted exclusively for SunCoast Sugar Gliders!  And since our top selling bonding & sleeping pouch color is "green", Katie even created a green mini pouch for mini-suggie to rest in.

This felted miniature makes a beautiful gift for any glider lover.  In an exquisite presentation, each includes a signed artist's description sheet and elegant little card with the glider's picture.  The miniature glider is tucked inside its green pouch, and then packaged inside a sheer organza pouch.

Whether you collect miniatures, "all things sugar gliders" or would just love to have a truly unique piece of handcrafted art like no other, this is a truly special piece.

This miniature creation is not intended as a toy because of its small size.  Since it is a collectible treasure, we do not recommend it as a gift for a child.

If you're as smitten with Katie's miniatures as we are, you may want to become her fan on facebook.

  • Weight So light we can't measure it!
  • Size: 1-7/8", from the tip of the glider's nose to the end of the tail

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