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Candle for the Car $2

The same company that created enzymatic odor eating Candles and Reed Diffusers uses their same bye bye stinky smells formula in this hanging air freshener.  I gave one to my brother in law for Father's Day because he smokes in his truck and my Sister goes P-U everytime she gets in the truck.   The car is the obvious place to use this air freshener but there are many great uses for it and much less expensive (and safer) than those wall plug ins.  Hang it on a door knob near the cat box or hang it in the sugar glider room (if it's a small room).  If it's a large room I recommend the candle or reed diffuser.  Keep some in your suitcase in the event you are put in a stinky hotel/motel room!  Hang in your closet to keep it fresh smelling.  See?  There are a lot of ways to use this and its CHEAP!

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