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Reed Diffuser - Pet Safe - Creamy Vanilla

Recently we told you about a safe, scented candle that is made for use around small pets to eliminate odor.  Now this company has come out with an aromatherapy reed diffuser.  I love candles, but obviously we can't burn them all them time and certainly not when our animal friends are out playing.  The reed diffuser can be left out all the time cleaning your air with a pleasant vanilla fragrance.  I do put mine in the cabinet when the sugar gliders are let out of their room simply because I do not want them chewing on the reeds or spilling over the bottle, but the rest of the time, my glider room now smells like a fragrant garden all the time!  I still use the candles because I love candles and I love different scents, especially the smell of flowers!

You can also control how much scent is in the air!  Use more reeds, get more scent.  Use fewer reeds, get less scent, so you can make the fragrance as vibrant or as subtle as you want!  

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The candles are really popular with our customers.  I've shared a link to the creamy vanilla candle here, but also check out our other fragrances like Bamboo Breeze and Lavender Chamomile.  If you love stuff like aromatherapy, scented candles, incense, and potpourri, you will certainly love this diffuser and the candles.   This company specializes in enzymatic pet odor elimination products.  I  purchased my first one from my vet's office and it has really made my glider room smell just dreamy.  These enzyme formulated diffusers REMOVE odors of all kinds including sugar gliders, other small animals, cats (and cat litter boxes), smoke and general household odors.  This reed diffuser will not only eliminate odors but also has a very nice fresh scent of scrumptious vanilla.  This is one of the this manufacturer's best sellers insofar as fragrances offered.  I think they should call it dreamy vanilla.

For many years we've cautioned against using scented candles around animals.  There can be harmful emissions from most of the scented candles on the market.  Many use low grade scenting oils, contain phenols and use wax that can be toxic to small animals.  Small animals are very susceptible to small exposures of chemicals and that would not necessarily have the same effect with people or larger animals.  We have to be extra carefu aboutl what we products we use in sugar glider rooms.  A lot of the plug in air fresheners and air sprays can be highly toxic to sugar gliders.

The diffusers use a safe oild base and all safe aromoatherapy with built in odor eating enzymes.  The diffuser comes with ten reeds will draw and diffuse the fragrance. To refresh the fragrance, flip the reeds and place the ends back into the fragrance. Each diffuser contains 1.69 fluid ounces of liquid.  These will last about 1.5 - 2 months and are working for you around the clock to eat those odors.

If you are sensitive to smells and need odor elimination that is fragrant free, then I do not recommend this product.  Instead, try Clean + Green!

I have tried probably a dozen different type of odor elimination products over the course of 15 years in the breeding business. I've spent hundreds, tens of hundreds of dollars on plug in units made for animal control odor that used a combination of charcoal filtration, aromatherapy oils, and was about to blow a lot of money on air ionization equipment until my veterinarian told me that the ionization and ozonator units can be harmful, and highly suggested we don't try it.  Further research has convinced me this was good advice.

We have other excellent odor elimation products on our website now.  I really love the Clean + Green.  It is an aerosol that has no after smell and will eliminate odor on contact.  You can spray it in the cage, on the pouches (with gliders in them), on toys, etc.  It is completely safe and non-toxic.  BUT, sugar gliders will come back around and make new smells again.  Our cage and toy wash also will remove odors by destroying odor causing bacteria, BUT sugar gliders will come back with a new round of smells.  

When I'm preparing to have company, I no longer need to run around making sure things don't smell because my reed diffusser does its thing around the clock.  I might flip the reeds to enhance the odor eating action, but that's it.   I think I've become too accustomed to glider smell, because often company would notice it when I didn't smell a thing.  Guess what? Company now comments on how nice my house smells instead of asking me, "is that your critters causing the smell in here?". 

Last but not least, DO NOT use this product when your gliders are out of the cage.  They may try to chew the reeds or knock the whole bottle over and wasting your product.   And if you have allergies or "scent-sitivities" to fragrant products, this is not for you!  

Creamy Vanilla is one of the top sellers for this manufacturer and has a really soft, sweet aroma. 

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