Sugar Glider Education

L Hoodie Sweatshirt NASA glider Color: White

Snuggle up with your snuggle buddy in a warm hoodie sweatshirt.  Hoodies have been a long time favorite in the community because sugar gliders love the big marsupial pockets in front, and some even like the hood.  And then there are some that like hanging out in the sleeves.   The XL size is printed on a light athletic gray hoodie.  Yup, only one color available in XL  We do offer size L as well on a white hoodie, but that is listed as s separate product.  The image is laser printed directly on the fabric making it permanent and color fast.   The image measures 8 inches by 10 inches and is printed on the front of the shirt above the big pocket.   On casual Friday easy way to take your glider to work!

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This hoodie sweatshirt is Hanes brand and made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.  Better than a snuggie and a whole lot more stylish!

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