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Cage height is very important to the well-being of a sugar glider.  This tall rectangular cage is the best value in sugar glider cages we've found.  Cage is 36 inches high, 30 inches wide, and 18 inches deep (11.25 cubic feet),  comes with 3 wooden perches and two plastic feeding cups.  NOTE: 36" tall is the minimum height we suggest for a sugar glider cage; anything smaller is bound to constrict the activity of these very active animals, so no more than 3 gliders should be kept in this cage.  1/2 inch bar spacing. Optional supply packs are available with this cage at a discount.

A Sharp Price on a Tall Cage!

Lisa!!  I got the cage and stuff today! That cage is soo big, bigger than I had thought, even though I had the dimensions beforehand! I feel really ripped off by the local pet store, since a cage much much smaller than that was $20 more that the one you shipped to me -Katie and John

This rectangular cage is a good value starter cage for those of you just starting with gliders or expanding your glider family.  Around here we don't really like cages that look ... well, "too cagey".  So many sugar glider cages look like modified rabbit cages and look like they belong in the backyard, not in the family room.  The criteria for our search included good value, high functionality, ample space for sugar glider activity, ease of cleaning / maintenance, and attractive enough to go with any décor.

This cage measures 36 inches high, 30 inches wide, and 18 inches deep.  You can see how big it is compared with the yardstick leaning against the wall on the right in the picture.  This is the minimum size that we recommend for a suitable sugar glider habitat as they need at least this kind of space to get enough exercise and to climb and jump and play.

The cage also has nine access doors which is a very nice added feature.  Seven of the doors are 3.25" wide x 5" tall and designed for spaced, easy access during feeding and play time.  There are two large doors on the front panel of the cage measuring 10" wide x 10.5" tall, making toy placement, nest box removal and stuff like that much easier.  There are two carrying handles, one on each side of the cage.  Included with the cage are three wooden perches (also sugar glider safe) and a pull out tray underneath a wire bottom making cleanup a snap!  We use newsprint as a cage liner, saving money on expensive bedding products. Safety features include 1/2 inch wire bar spacing, which is a requirement for sugar glider safety.  The cage is finished in a heavy powder coated (animal safe) paint (not PVC coated wire).  Assembly is required, but it only takes about five minutes and no tools are required.  This cage is very light in weight, which may be a benefit to you.  For example, it can be assembled and  disassembled quickly and easily making it even suitable for travel!  Well, that is if it will fit in your car, because it is a pretty big cage!  The flip side of being light in weight is that other animals or small children in the house could knock it over or damage it.  Also, we do not recommend this cage for outdoor use (including screened in rooms).  If you are looking for something a bit more sturdy and durable - also a bit larger (2 inches wider, 3 inches deeper) and quite beautiful - you should check out our Sturdy Cage.

This is the same cage that we use with many of our breeding gliders and through special arrangements with the manufacturer, we are now able to offer this cage to you at a great price of only $95.47 and shipping is only $9.95 anywhere in the Continental U.S.  No more than three adult gliders should live in a cage this size. These are minimum requirements; bigger is always better for gliders and you can't get too big for these active little critters.  In a bigger cage, they can jump farther, get lots more exercise, and just have a grand old time in all that space.  Sugar gliders may be small, but they think and they play BIG!

Note: This cage was originally designed for birds. Sugar Gliders are a lot more inquisitive than birds, and as such a couple of very simple modifications are suggested to make this cage a perfect sugar glider home.  First of all, we suggest that you secure the sides after assembly with a handful of nylon cable ties - and we've included them with the cage :) The doors of the cage slide up and down and a clever enough glider will figure out how to open them. We use clothespins as a quick and easy locking mechanism to keep our precious gliders safe in their home.  We do not recommend this cage be used outdoors.

if you are planning to set up a new habitat for new sugar gliders, then check out our two special package deals below.  For more info on using these products and caring for sugar gliders, check out The Sugar Glider Stork is Coming Guide (PDF).  It's a comprehensive guide covering everything you need to know to set-up and use the products in your cage pack, with lots of tips on caring for, feeding, and bonding with your sugar gliders.

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