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Europa Cage - Two Tone Black & Gray

For the first time ever being offered in the United States, we are pleased to announce the Europa cage.  As the name might imply, its NOT made in China.  It is in fact manufacturered in Europe and has some really nice features that we've not been able to offer before.  It's a new big cage and measures 30 inches wide, 28 inches deep and 62 inches high!  The bar spacing is 7/16 inch, so a little narrower than the 1/2 spaced cages that have been in our lineup since day one.  The cage is constructed of four steel panels which are epoxy coated (also called powder coated, its the same thing).  The rest is polypropelene which means the cage will do better for occasional forays into the great outdoors.  Plastic does not rust!  The cage comes in black and gray, so it has a nice stylized look about it, with wheels for easy movement.

There are no unecessary obstructions, like ramps and ladders which create less room for sugar gliders to move in the manner they are designed to move!

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Shipping just $9.95.  

Because of the solid roof, you might ask yourself, well how do I hang toys from the top of this cage?  Not to worry.  Included in this package price we include TWO braided S-T-R-E-T-C-H rope toys.  You can either criss cross the two ropes across the top or run them parallel to each other leaving enough space to hang a plethora of favorite toys.

Now here's another feature that I know will be appealing to many of you.  I've seen people make comments that sugar gliders can't climb well on vertical bars.  Well, that is not exactly true as that's all I've used since 1999 witha whole lot of sugar gliders and nobody told them that veritcal bars were hard to navigate.  But some people feel that horizontal bars are more appealing and that is exactly how this cage is constructed.

This cage meets our high standards and it doesn't hurt that its also attractive in a furniture like way.  Areas generally most prone to rust are metal parts on the bottom.  Well guess what?  This cage has no metal on the bottom.  One thing I find interesting is that this cage has no bottom grill, just a pull out pan.  But the plastic sides come up high enough around the bottom that if you were to use a bedding versus paper, which I do recommend in this application, it won't be flying all over town.  The type of bedding I recommend would be aspen shavings or the types made from reconstituted paper.  Cedar is definately a no no.  Its too aromatic and could cause lung damage over long term use.  And pine shavings are questionable, so when in doubt, don't.

This cage can be used with brand new joeys up to any adult age.  There is no such thing as a habitat that is too large.  In the world of sugar gliders, bigger is better with taller being much preferred over wider.  The sugar gliders natural movements tend to be vertical, so cage height will better accomodate that natural movement.

I want to go into a bit more detail on why ramps and ladders are not only unnecessary, but actually undesireable in a sugar glider habitat.  They merely create obstructions.  Let me appeal to your common sense here.  While this is a large cage, its only a bit over five feet.  In the wild, a sugar glider can glide 150 feet, which is half the distance of a football field.  They don't need help getting around because they have the ability to jump/glide much greater distances than any cage you could possibly fit in a home.  So please don't buy the hype that this is necessary. Doesn't that idea just defy common sense?

This cage has three doors.  There is one large door on the front panel measuring 14.25 inches high by 9.25 inches wide.  The door lifts up on a hinge and is rather lightweight BUT it has two really cool plastic "snaps" that keep it locked quite securely.  The two side doors are small and measure 5 inches by 4.75 inches.  I'm going to suggest you cable tie these locked.  They are not really necessary unless you use some sort of nest box configurationa and I always prefer to take any extra precautions.  The two cable ties are enclosed in your package as well, for your convenience.

Also included are two plastic feeders/drinkers as well as six plastic perches.

The plastic perches measure 7 inches long each and there are six of them in the package.  

The two feeder/waterers are also a new and innovative design.  They fit snugly between the horizontal cage wires installed from the outside pushing into the cage with a nice little feeding platform.  Because they are gravity based, you could put a lot of their pellet food like Wholesome Balance in there, but I'm going to encourage you not to fill it up, because fresh is best and it would take them quite awhile to eat all of that food.  

Assembly is required and we going to call this assembly moderately easy.  Instructions are included as well as an exploded view.  All you need is a philips screwdriver.

Last, but not least, would love to get your feedback.  This is our first European cage design and we'd love to know your comments!

  • Height 59
  • Width 31
  • Depth 4
  • Weight 33

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