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Zoo Med's Can O' Worms 1.2 oz

Zoo Med's Can O' Worms is not only nutritious for your sugar glider, but delicious as well.  A lot of people are really squeamish about feeding live bugs to their gliders, but keep in mind that bugs are a natural part of the sugar glider diet and by feeding them bugs we can more closely simulate nature's choice for sugar glider nutrition.  And for those of you  who aren't so squeamish, Zoo Med's Can O' Worms is great to have on hand for "emergency" supply when you've used up your last live bug and your little fur butts are begging for more.  Sugar gliders are omnivores, more specifically preferential insectivores sometimes called gummivore. Gummivores eat a lot of bugs,  not just tree gums and gummivores are NOT the same thing as sapsuckers as often cited on other websites. Those folks are just a bit confused about the scientific definition of gummivore.  

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These farm-raised mealworms are retorted (cooked in the can).  This unique cooking process locks in the flavor, freshness and natural juices.  The exoskeleton is softened for easier digestibility. You will be amazed how readily your animals will take to this food.

Canning has many advantages including less preservatives and binders meaning that your sugar gliders receive more usable food materials in every meal.  And the extended shelf life (un-opened) of this product is two years!  Zoo Med Labs, manufacturer of this fine product, tests all food products through a strict six month process.

SunCoast Sugar Gliders does not recommend this product or any product as a single source of nutrition for your pet.  Zoo Med's Can O' Worms is a good source of protein to fill sugar glider needs of 40-50% protein in their diet.  In addition to protein sources, we recommend servings of fresh fruits and veggies along with a high quality staple food like Wholesome Balance.  

Ingredients: : Farm raised Mealworms (Tenebrio Molitor)

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein, min, 17.0%
Crude Fat, min, 5.0%
Crude Fiber, max, 1.0%
Crude Ash, max, 3.0%
Moisture content, max, 70.0%

Feeding Instructions: Offer your sugar glider 5-10 mealworms per serving.  This product must be refrigerated after opening.  A plastic lid is included to make storage easy!  For best results, use within 1 week or freeze unused portion.  Frozen bugs should be fed as soon as they thaw.  This product may be fed to gliders of any age.  Baby sugar gliders may not eat them right away, but one day, they will get the taste for them, and boy oh boy, you better have a good supply on hand!   

Do NOT feed mealworms every day.  They are a bit high in fat for regular use as red meat is too fatty for us to eat every day.  Try a leaner bug like Flukers Crickets or ZooMed Grasshoppers to alternate bug choices and add more variety to the diet.  ZooMed also sells crickets, but the fat content in ZooMed is higher than in Flukers Crickets, hence ther recommendation to be mindful of fat content in choosing your bugs.   Grasshoppers have a very low fat content and could be fed every day!

Want to save money?  Buy a Six Pack!  You save 75 cents per can buy buying in bulk!  

  • Weight 2 oz total, 1.2 oz of product
  • Size: 3 in x 1.75 in

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