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Vionate Vitamin / Mineral

It's time to try out a modern, all in one, superior supplement for your sugar gliders!

We've carried Vionate vitamins for 16 years, and then BAM, can't get it anymore ... so we've worked direct with a manufacturer to create a NEW vitamin supplement that has the exact ratios of vitamins as the Vionate PLUS the much needed calcium.  This new supplement is called Blueberry FortifierBlueberry Fortifier uses all human grade ingredients and is made specifically for sugar gliders.  Having said that, it's also a great supplement for any small warm blooded animal.

NOW, HERE"S THE BEST PART!  Blueberry Fortifier is called this because in addition we've added a yummy tasting, all natural dehydrated blueberry powder, so now the process of giving supplements tastes yummy.  The old Vionate/Repcal formula was not so yummy.  The new Blueberry Fortifier is our new gold standard for supplementing your sugar gliders.

Here's the new link to Blueberry Fortifier.    Click here.


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  • Weight 8 oz / 0.5 lb each.
  • Size: 5 in x 1 in x 1 in

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