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Candle - Odor Eliminator - Frangipani

A safe candle to use around small pets, finally!  If you love scented candles and want to use them to control odors, or to just make your home smell wonderful, we have found it!  This company specializes in enzymatic pet odor elimination products.  I recently purchased one from my vet's office and it has really made my glider room smell just dreamy.  These enzyme formulated candles REMOVE odors of all kinds including sugar gliders, other small animals, cats (and cat litter boxes), smoke and general household odors.  This scented candle will not only eliminate odors but also has very nice stress reducing qualities as naturally found in lavender and chamomile.  If for any reason, your sugar gliders are under added stress, use this candle for a double whammy of odor killing and stress reduction all in one safe product!

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For many years we've cautioned against using scented candles around animals.  There can be harmful emissions from most of the scented candles on the market.  Many use low grade scenting oils, contain phenols and use wax that can be toxic to small animals and birds.  I'm sure you know why coal miners would bring a canary into the mine, right?  The canary would collapse before the humans would be affected by toxic gases.  Small animals and birds are very susceptible to small exposures of chemicals and that would not necessarily have the same effect with people.  We have to be extra carefu aboutl what we products we use in sugar glider rooms.  A lot of the plug in air fresheners and air sprays can be highly toxic to sugar gliders.

These candles are made from a paraffin & soy blend.  Soy is a lot safer in candles, than many other waxes.  We're not big fans of soy in sugar glider food, but in candles with give it two thumbs up!  The candles are in 13 ounce glass jars and burn approximately 70 hours!  Keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 inch for the candle to burn most efficiently.  Otherwise your candle will burn unevenly and a lot faster.

I have tried probably a dozen different type of odor elimination products over the course of 15 years in the breeding business. I've spent hundreds, tens of hundreds of dollars on plug in units made for animal control odor that used a combination of charcoal filtration, aromatherapy oils, and was about to blow a lot of money on air ionation equipment until my veterinarian told me that the ionization and ozonator units can be harmful, and highly suggested we don't try it.  Further research has convinced me this was good advice.

We have other excellent odor elimation products on our website now.  I really love the Clean + Green.  It is an aerosol that has no after smell and will eliminate odor on contact.  You can spray it in the cage, on the pouches (with gliders in them), on toys, etc.  It is completely safe and non-toxic.  BUT, sugar gliders will come back around and make new smells again.  Our cage and toy wash also will remove odors by destroying odor causing bacteria, BUT sugar gliders will come back with a new round of smells.  

When I'm preparing to have company, I spray my glider room with Clean + Green, then I light the candle!  I think I've become too accustomed to glider smell, because often company would notice it when I didn't smell a thing.  Guess what?  Company now comments on how nice my house smells instead of asking me, "is that your critters causing the smell in here?".  Once you blow out the candle, the smell does linger for a bit.

Last but not least, DO NOT use this product when your gliders are out of the cage.  Obviously it is unwise to have candles lit around animals and small children, drapes, in drafts or too near anything flammable.  And if you have allergies to scented candles in general, this may not be a good solution for you.  While the candle uses high grade oils for the scent, some people are still allergic to the many fragrances whether they are high grade or not!

Frangipani is a beautiful island scent.  In Hawaii, the frangipani is what the flower lais are made of.  The scent of this candle is a soft, light floral.  Can you feel the beach breeze now?

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