Sugar Glider Education

Three Feeding Cups Plus Papaya & Mango Chunks

Sugar gliders need to eat and its helpful to us humans to feed them up high in the cage so they don't doody in their food, unless of course, you use a "glider dining room".  If you don't have a dining room , we've found a great product.  These 5 ounce stainless steel feed cups are durable, easily cleaned, and convenient.  We recommend three courses per night, so you might want to get our three pack special on these stainless steel feeders; just perfect if you are following the 3 part SunCoast Diet originally suggested by our fist exotic veterinarian.


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So you get these three stainless steel feed cups along with 8 ounces of yummy papaya and 8 ounces of delectable mango.


Let's face it.  Our sugar glider cages often occupy a place of prominence in our homes.  And most of us humans want to have an attractive and well outfitted environment for our fuzzy gliding buddies.  Personally, we love the modern, minimalistic design of these stainless steel feeding cups.

But not only do they look sleek, they are also practical, rust-resistant and indestructible.  In fact, they are so durable, your sugar gliders can eat, play, pounce, kick and bite on the cups endlessly - these will hold up to the toughest treatment!

Ever wondered  why stainless steel is so popular in hospitals, kitchens, food and pharmaceutical processing facilities?  The reason is because of its hygienic properties - it is simply one of the easiest materials to clean.  The cups measure 3" in diameter and 1.5" deep.

And since it is up to us to keep our furry friends' environment fresh and clean, why not make it easy on ourselves?  The cups are dishwasher safe and if you want to see your sugar gliders' cups really glisten, spritz 'em with a little Cage Shield after cleaning and you'll be amazed at how easy to maintain they will be!

The cups slip easily in and out of their detachable chrome plated steel hangers, making it very easy to hook or unhook for cleaning and refilling.  Your sugar gliders can comfortably perch from any location around the cup while feasting.  The detachable hanger attaches easily to any cage.  Each cup is big enough to feed a single course to several gliders.

  • Weight .25 lb each cup
  • Size: 5 ounce cup. 3" diameter, 1.5" deep

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