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ZooKeeper's Secret™

A 2 month supply for 2 sugar gliders 3 Lbs.

SunCoast Sugar Gliders tested a wide variety of sugar glider food products based upon vet recommendations (read a review of some of the available staple foods here).  We've used Zookeepers Secret for many years with great success, and it's a great glider staple food.

But over the past 2 years we have gradually switched most of our sugar gliders (including the  joeys) over to Wholesome Balance Chicken & Brown Rice Blend, the first dry sugar glider food to use animal protein as the main ingredient.  If you are new to sugar gliders, you will probably find the Wholesome Balance product easier to feed.  We like the fact there is less waste and some gliders simply like it better.

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Why did we initially choose ZooKeeper's Secret more than 7 years ago?  Well, it's simple.  The decision was based on the knowledge  diets using animal protein as the primary ingredient (as opposed to vegetable protein like soy or corn) contain a better balance of essential amino acids that would  help gliders maintain health and thrive, not just survive.  Animal proteins also mimic consumption of insects eaten in the wild.  And for many years, ZooKeeper's Secret was the only animal protein-based diet available for sugar gliders.

We tried lots of commercial brand sugar glider food products, and the fact is, our sugar gliders didn't particularly like many of them.  We also asked our veterinarian to review the claims made by other commercial manufacturers, and she could find no evidence supporting many of the claims made.  Once we identified two "finalist" products that our vet was comfortable with the nutritional value of, we let the sugar gliders choose, and the rest is history.

ZooKeeper's Secret sugar glider food is formulated to satisfy sugar glider food needs in a tasty and satisfying product.  But keep in mind, our vets and SunCoast Sugar Gliders don't recommend a diet of just one food.

ZooKeeper's Secret staple food diet is merely intended to meet only part of the sugar glider's nutritional needs.  In addition, you will need to continue supplementing your sugar glider's balanced meal plan with offerings of fruits and vegetable, and you still need to provide protein based food sources such as mealworms, crickets, grasshoppers, boiled chicken, and other low fat/high protein food sources.

ZooKeeper's Secret  is also an excellent staple sugar glider food to use in conjunction with Leadbeater's, BML, or popular variations on these mainstream diet plans.

Freshness - ZooKeeper's Secret is specifically formulated for the insectivore/omnivore nature of the sugar glider.  Since we feed Zookeeper's Secret to some of our gliders, we receive regular shipments direct from the manufacturer.  When you place a food order, we package it for you from our own food stock. 

This means you will always be getting the absolute freshest food - and why we guarantee a shelf life of 4 months.  And since we buy it in bulk quantities, you also get a great price on this sugar glider staple food.

You won't find fancy packaging, because the quality goes into the food.  When you order your ZooKeeper's Secret sugar glider food, we will pack it fresh for you in re-sealable zipper bags.

Why is it important to feed sugar gliders a species specific staple diet?  In the past, many well intentioned veterinarians, breeders and others in animal related industries recommended high quality cat food, monkey chow, marmoset diet and other diets as acceptable for sugar gliders. 

However, in recent studies, the veterinarian community is beginning to suspect that feeding diets that are developed for other species causes long term health deficits in sugar gliders.  Liver, kidney and intestinal problems can develop from using inappropriate food sources.  Any of these conditions can lead to serious health problems or worse in sugar gliders.

At SunCoast Sugar Gliders, we have noticed significant improvement in healthier appearance of glider "droppings" as a result of using this product.  While this may not be the most scientific approach to assessing sugar glider food value, we consider it an important measurement of our nutritional success in caring for our sugar glider colonies.

The manufacturer of ZooKeeper's Secret has employed research and product development techniques that have been time tested and proven in world class zoos in the U.S.  We are proud to bring this product to our customers.  This product is suitable for just-weaned joeys through adulthood.  The soft, moist, pre-cut, ready to feed product replicates a balanced, natural diet plan for your special sugar gliders.

We suggest that you feed each sugar glider one heaping teaspoon of ZooKeeper's Secret each evening. This staple diet should be left in the cage for twenty four hours, and any uneaten portion discarded and replaced nightly.  The balance of your sugar gliders' diet should consist of fruit/veggie sources and protein fed each evening with uneaten portions discarded in the morning to prevent your gliders from eating spoiled leftovers.  For the complete diet developed by Dr. C and used here at SunCoast, click here.

Three pounds of ZooKeeper's Secret sugar glider food will feed 1 glider for 4 months or 2 gliders for 2 months.  Got 4 gliders?  This is a 1 month supply.  

No Refrigeration or Freezing of this Product is Required, as long as the product is used within 4 months.  Keep bag airtight between uses.  This  product can be frozen for storage over 4 months.

  • Weight 3 lbs each.
  • Size: 8 in x 8 in x 4 in
  • Description: Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein Min 20% Crude Fat Min 7% Crude Fiber Max 6% Moisture Max 36% Ash Max 9% Additional Analysis Calcium (CA) Min 2% Phosphorus Min 1% Iron Min .005% Taurine Min .003%

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Nicole Mackeben said:

Please continue to carry this product. My sugar glider, Mylo, had dental abscesses that antibiotics just could not cure. I almost lost him but a surgery helped him recover from the infection. Unfortunately it left him without his front teeth. I am able to crumble this soft food and use it as a staple for him. Thank goodness for this food!