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Noodley Tubes - 3 feet

The COOLEST glider toy EVER?  Have you ever known a child (or was that child) who got a present in a big box and they liked the box the most?  This is exactly what we found out when we asked our independent SunCoast Tester Group to examine the material that we use to make rope toys.  Of all the things we sent to this group of 80 members, this was by far the biggest hit and this item was just intended to be a sample so everyone could see how tough this stuff is and how safe it is.  

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For only 2.99 you get four feet of  Noodley Tube.  This is simply pieces of natural rubber (it does contain latex).   We sent out some of this material for our SunCoast Testers to see just how tough this stuff is and I'm going to let them tell you about it and how much their sugar gliders LOVE this simple toy.

Tube Thingy, A.K.A. "The Noodle". Here's Maxine (sitting up chewing) and Gracie (balanced in front). They went wild over this thing. Max kept pulling it out of my hand, she wanted it ALL! She will stop and play with it no matter what she's doing. Gracie tended to play if Max had it, trying to get it away from her. Finally Max grabbed it in her mouth and scampered to the top of my head with it. Like I said, she wants it all to herself! They played with this until they discovered the rubbery bottom of my husbands slipper, then I couldn't get them away from that. I think they like the texture of the tube and they seemed intrigued that it was hollow, kept sticking their little tongues into it. Second pic is Max after she got it all to herself, it was sopping wet by the time she was done. These kids chew hard (is this a phase or am I going to be mauled forever?) and there was zero damage to the tube. I feel comfortable leaving this in the cage all night for them to play with. Weaved it in between the bars and they loved trying to free it.  Lauren N.

The piece I have has so far withstood 2 days of Squirrel. That's saying rather a lot. Not many glider toys make it through a day of Aloysius!   Alden B.

My babies still love the black rubber tube thing!!! We tie knots in it before we go to bed and they have fun untying them.  Rachel T,

I find myself doing this nightly if not couple times a night as well lol. Sometimes they hear me feeding them and get the knots out before I'm done so tie again then head to bed LOL. Like kids playing with a new toys box or wrapper haha, so simple yet so fun.  Sean W.

 I hook it over the top of the cage with a c-link then tie the knots in it.. they undo the knots then some tail carriers get it un hooked and take it to bed with them:) silly suggies!!  Laci K.

 I think it should be called The Tug-A-Tube.  Nicole L.

Noodley tubes gets my vote  Ronda L.

I split mine into 2 pieces about 3-4 inches long & they are perfect size for my girlies to carry around while running from each other without tripping on it   Megan N.

The size we got in our testing package was perfect for my little squirrel ball trio IMO. Every night I tie a knot in each end and and in the morning it's untied and hidden some place in their cage. They're probably like "Arrrggg, knots again tonight? We'll fix that" LOL I vote for "Noodley Tubes" for the name and a foraging jar would be GLIDERIFFIC!!!!    Kathy H.

I must have wicked picky kids. They didn't like any of the food/treat samples, but the tubie (noodle tube) and the toy were a big hit.   Daryl W.

Mine were pickier than I was expecting them to be. The tube was a big was the biggest hit with all of them.   Ronda L.

All 8 of my gliders LOVE it!   Laura J.

Lila was more interested in the tube than she was me or her treats!  Whitney V.

My girls are just learning to interact & play with people & it was a major hit! 2 great big YAYS!!!!  Megan N.

Yay...the noodley tube is awesome!  (all 7 gliders love it)  Ronda L.

Yes!! He loved it and I would like longer pieces to be able to do more with it!  Abbie B.

All of mine absolutely love it!!!!!  Laci K.

 My four say I should buy them in bulk!! 100% yay!   Nancy D

Had so much fun with a single piece, would go crazy with a braided rope of it!  Greg E.


9 paws up from fuzzy butts and 4 thumbs up from humans.   Nicole L

Mine love it also! Ill tie it in 3 places throw it in & by morning its all untied. Then they put it in their sleeping pouch!  Laura H.

Our 3 love the piece of tube we got!!   Kim G.

Yes, all 11 loved it!!!!  Tessa F

Yay!! Both love it, still play with it every night.   Lauren N

 All of mine LOVE the tube (:    Brittany K

Most definitely! The girls loved it!   Barbara M

Our babies liked this toy. I think my suggies might be part ferret they were hiding it in their various huts and under their fleece blankets.  Val E.

Update on black tube rope with clips on end. This has gone in 3 of my 5 cages and has survived my worst chewers lol I love it and would definitely buy more.   The black tube is a hit in every cage... I have tied knots in them and they will get the knots out every night in every cage lol Love it! Final thoughts: I would purchase the tubes in bulk, the rope, and the pears.   Christine P

 I found the black tube thingy in one of my trios pouch lol I tried to take it out and she got crabby towards me. It was funny considering she NEVER crabs...   Christine P.

The stretchy thingy was a 1000% hit!!!  Shirley S.

Well, Lila thinks the rubber piece is much cooler than any of her other toys. As soon as it was presented to her, it soon turned into a tug of war match and then quickly disappeared with her into one of her pouches so I couldn't steal it from her. I will try to get pictures or video this evening of her playing tug of war!   Whitney V

Rubber piece was a big hit. Finn & Jake both went at it like crazy. I started off holding it & ended up playing keep away & eventually tug-of-war. It was funny seeing them all spread out hanging on the cage and the rubber piece at the same time. I tied a few knots in it & they tried forever to get them out. Ultimately tied it to the top of the cage & they played with it there.  Greg


 The rope toy material is a hit in every cage. They love it and still no marks in it.  Brenda B.

I tied knots in the tubing and played tug of war this morning with the twins and when they won left Little Chewy trying to undo the knot near the hook I added...small hiking hook. After they fell asleep I hung it from the top of the cage and there weren't any tooth marks at all!  Tom H.

So the Twins Did manage to get the Tubing's knot out and off of the clip and there were signs of play all over it that I washed off...I found it in their wrestling corner so they must have had a great Little game of Tug O' Glider going on. I need to get some of this for their Auntie! When is it going on sale!?! I need Glider Noodles!   Tom H.


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