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A Habitat Bracelet

Step aside Jared, there's a new guy in town!  His name is Arnold and he's ready to rock your world with his new Venus Colleciton of self expressed habitat jewelry.   The habitat bracelet is 30 inches of 4mm plastic chain made specifically for animal toy makers. On the end of each bracelet are transition clips (also made for animal toy makers) so that we could add an easy hook. non chewable plastic clip that will fit on any make or model habitat!   All in all, the bracelet measures 35 inches giving you ample space to hang your charms from! We have a big variety in Arnold's store and are always on the hunt for new stuff, so check back often to see what new collections Arnold has uncovered!  They are all Simply Charming!  

The habitat bracelet does not come with charms.  But we did photo  Arnold's personal habitat bracelet so you can see how darn cute it is!

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Arnold’s (NOT Jared’s)

Ever see those commercials … “He went to Jared’s”?  We’re going to share a thought or two about that Cupcake, cuz maybe going to Jared’s is not that big a deal!

Bracelets come in many types, for women, for men, for ankles, for waists, and if you get arrested by the PoPo, might find yourself  in some hand binding bracelets. Yikes!  Arnold is now introducing his new line of habitat bracelets!  Are ya keeping up so far, Little Buddy?

Arnold’s cage bracelets are made of a basic animal safe plastic chain with a plastic hook on each end and then he is offering a line of “charms” that you can put on the bracelet to express your own unique individual passions.  Or perhaps you will choose to decorate your fuzziere derrieres abode seasonally! YOU get to choose your color from red, purple and blue and YOU get to choose your charms.  We have lots of them and new ones coming in all the time!

Why is Arnold’s idea better than Jared’s?  Simple, Arnold’s line is called the Venus line cuz it’s all about L-O-V-E!  I remember the story of Pandora from when I was a little girl and this was what first made me suspect of Jared.  Inside of Pandora’s box were all of the evils of humanity.   Whatupwitdat?

Now I know lots of ladies who have these bracelets and I will admit that they are truly beautiful.  All I’m saying is “Jared, hang out at the Subway and eat some more sammiches, son, cuz you could’ve come up with a better name!

We will be adding new charms as often as we find ones that are new, exciting and seriously more affordable than Jared’s.   And then when people come to your house, and say “Omy, that is sooooo you!”  You can tell them, “He went to Arnold’s!”

Simply Charming!

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