Sugar Glider Education

Jazzy Upside Down Swing

Here's a new concept in a swing made just for sugar gliders and their joy for hanging upside down while eating snacks.  There is enough clearance between the habitat ceiling and the swing platform for even the most robust sugar glider to fit ... BUT, the swing is designed to encourage them to hang upside down and find whatever goodies YOU choose to put in the the little bucket!  

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You can put treats in the bucket, or perhaps some pom poms.  Any little toys you think they may enjoy can be put in the bucket for them to take out and play with.  And if you decide to put some treats in there, how about some pineapple treats and you can change this jazz number into a pineapple upside down swing.  Each swing has a glider sized clarinet and saxophone so your brassy little guys can enjoy a very natural cirque du soleil type adventure.  And just imagine the great photo ops you will get with this toy.

The bucket is hanging down far enough that an adult glider will really have to reach to get the goodies inside.  This is a great exercise activity.  It's actually a pretty good idea to make sure that your glider habitat includes the types of activities they naturally aspire to.  Baby sugar gliders can actually fit in the bucket.  So there you go with another great photo op to share with your friends and family!

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