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Clean+Green Odor Neutralizer

Safe for Pets, You, and Earth
Eco-friendly spray - 16 ounces!

Love your sugar gliders, but hate the odor sometimes lingering around them??  Then we are pleased to bring you the newest natural approach to odor control.  Clean+Green is not an odor "cover up".  Its natural plant ingredients work safely on and around all living things.

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  • Best Odor Control Option: The most effective approach to odor control is to manage it both short and long term. Get One Clean+Green Odor Neutralizer, One Cage & Toy Wash, and One Cage & Toy Shield 

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Love your sugar gliders, but hate the odor sometimes lingering around them??  Then we are pleased to bring you the newest natural approach to odor control.  Clean+Green is not an odor "cover up".  Its natural plant ingredients work safely on and around all living things.  Clean+Green's encapsulating  action destroys odor, even on one of the world's most stubborn odors - cat urine!  This product can be used safely and effectively around small pets, birds, children, and those with allergies, asthma, and chemical sensitivities.  It is safe on all furniture and carpets, too!

Clean+Green is made exclusively with natural plant ingredients and purified water (no alcohol).  It's water soluble and biodegradable, and contains no perfumes, masking agents, or ozone harming propellants.  Finally, we have a product that leaves the old school "enzyme and perfume" approach behind for a new natural technology that breaks up the bonds of odor-causing compounds.

Let's talk about odor for a second.

At SunCoast, we view odor as long-term and short-term.  Long-term odor is caused by bacteria buildup, often on hard surfaces.  If after you clean your cage, there is a "lingering odor", that's the long-term odor problem.  This problem is best addressed by thorough cleanings with a product like Cage & Toy Wash, which breaks bacterial bonds and makes it difficult for bacteria to grow.  

Then there is short-term odor.  This is "between cleanings" odor, a "spot" problem typically caused by urine or feces in the cage area, and often on soft surfaces like pouches or material in the cage tray.  Clean+Green addresses this odor problem by shearing the hydrocarbon chain of the odor source and then encapsulating the source, which  eliminates the odor.  Once CLEAN+GREEN encapsulates the odor source, this material becomes a microbial-food source for the indigenous bacteria in the environment, which accelerates the biodegradability of the odor source.

Let's talk about "safe", "natural", and "non-toxic".

As part of our product review process, we've learned there are no FDA regulations for the terms "safe", "natural", and "non-toxic". These terms are often used with freshener products, yet usage warnings are still listed on many of these "odor eliminator" product labels.  Clean+Green is 100% natural and needs no such warning or disclaimers for use.  It truly is safe and non-toxic, including using nitrogen to pressurize the spray can.  Nitrogen is a non-flammable, inert gas that makes up 78% of the air we breath.

Unlike other odor eliminators, Clean+Green does not require saturating the area affected.  Clean+Green works immediately upon contact, therefore, it is extremely cost effective.  Clean+Green can be used at any time you need to freshen an area.  Simply spray on the smelly stuff and within moments, the odors are gone, gone, gone!  You can also spray it into the air just as you would a can of air freshener, for those times when a particularly stinky mess has affected the air in the room.

Those of you who know SunCoast know we are always up front about any potential "negatives" we anticipate.  With Clean+Green, there are two issues we ought to clarify.

Clean+Green has been tested and sprayed directly on many species of animal.  We've found that spraying the glider's cages and accessories (such as pouches and Wodent Wheels) sufficiently controls odor without spraying directly on the critters.  While we don't think harm will be done by spraying directly on the animal, we choose not to for one simple reason.  You don't want to get this product directly into the animal's eyes, since it is likely to create a stinging or burning sensation.  So we do not use it on the inside of pouches when occupied, or directly on the gliders.  On the body of the animal itself we use a product designed to be sprayed on sugar gliders; if you want a fresh "baby power" scent, use Sugar Glider Dry Shampoo.

Also, when it becomes so easy to eliminate the odors, we don't want you to become lazy on cage cleaning. This product is not an anti-bacterial cage cleaner product.  It simply destroys short-term odors, so keep in mind that regular cage cleanings are still important.  If you want to stick with all natural, plant-based products for cage cleaning, use Cage & Toy Wash to starve odor causing bacteria and make routine cleanings faster and easier.

You have to be really careful with many products on the market.  Here's a short list of products we reviewed and found Clean+Green to be superior to all of them:  Nature's Miracle, Citrus Odor Remover, Pet S.O.X, Bi-Odor, PDQ, Pet Organics, Odormute, Febreze, Glade Neutralizer, Lemon Mate Mist, and Ozium Air Sanitizer, and PureAyre.

Our product testing projects are often quite fun and interesting.  In addition to helping control glider odor, other uses we found for Clean+Green included removal of odor from my gardening shoes (phew!), my dog's collar (and my dog too), the smell of cigarette smoke, musky closet smells, and as a bathroom air freshener.  We're quite sure this list could go on and on.  Because we have so many animals in our household, we've gotten rid of all other potentially hazardous odor eliminators, air fresheners, fabric fresheners, stain removers, and carpet deodorizers.  You just can't be sure how different masking agents, perfumes, chemicals, and alcohol will affect  the animals in your home.  Clean+Green contains none of these ingredients and is now the only product we use at home.

We've found by keeping the glider's cage and accessories fresh smelling, the gliders smell better too, as they are no longer coming into direct contact with stinky toys and other cage accessories.  Let's face it, the Wodent Wheel is a favorite toy with most sugar gliders, but when gliders insist on "going" on the go, it's a hard toy to keep fresh.  Not any more!  Clean+Green takes care of stinky wheel syndrome quickly and magically.  We suggest you use Clean+Green whenever your nose tells you too - when you think there is a need, then spray away, and say goodbye to the offending odor - instantly!

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