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Cage & Toy Shield 8oz.

All Natural Pet Surface Protectant:

Now super-emulsified to better penetrate the deepest crevices! Non-greasy substitute for KayTee Cage Shield also starves bacteria, reduces cage corrosion. from the Sugar Glider Naturals line of products

Safe for All Pets including Birds
Safe for You
Safe for the Earth

First thing each morning, we're greeted by a variety of residues from the prior evening's suggie food fights.  Cage & Toy Shield provides a non-stick coating to ease our daily cleanings.

  • Cage & Toy Shield Refill  (32 ounce, without spray top) $24.38 - You save $10.46 compared with four 8 ounce bottles
  • Time Saver Cleaning Pack: Get One 8 oz Cage & Toy Shield plus One 8 oz Cage & Toy Wash for only $14.38, Save $3.59
  • Best Odor Control Option: The most effective approach to odor control is to manage it both long and short term.  Get One 8 oz Cage & Toy Shield, One 8 oz Cage & Toy Wash, and One Clean+Green Odor Neutralizer for only $21.45, Save $4.96


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Cage & Toy Shield is a non-toxic, plant-based, biodegradable product that prevents splattered food, excrements and any other messy droppings your gliders offer up from adhering to any surface.  As it is 100% safe, it can be used on any surface you want to keep clean.  Use it on cages, toys, food cups, floors - anything you want to have a protective, easy to clean surface to work with.  Not only does it provide a non-stick (but not greasy or oily) surface to make cleanups a snap, but it also helps prevent both cage corrosion AND bacteria buildup!

Over time, your sugar glider's environment (toys, cage, food cups, etc. - anywhere you spray the product) stays healthier longer when you use Cage & Toy Shield  because this product helps prevent bacteria from feeding.  In short, you will have peace of mind about the cleanliness of your glider's habitat AND your cleanings will be quick and easy.  Cage & Toy Shield will stop those gooey foods, like baby food, yogurt and BML from becoming rock hard splatters that are so time consuming to scrape off!  In addition to using it around the feeding stations, we also use it on toys.

With Arnold’s cage situated in front of a natural wood wall, our crazy gang often throws food outside of the cage, splattering sticky messes all over the wall.  But using Cage & Toy Shield on the wood walls, we can just wipe and go.  No more time consuming or complicated rituals to remove gooey messes!  And cleanup is a real cinch on wood or laminate surfaces.

When we learned last year that KAYTEE Cage Shield would no longer be manufactured, we were bummed.  We sold it AND used it daily here in The Sugar Shack.  Disappointed there was nothing similar available on the market, we decided to take matters into out own hands.  But rather than just re-invent the Wodent Wheel, so to speak, we wanted to create something even better!

So we met with our team of specialized experts in the plant-based world to see what we could come up with.   We kept returning to the drawing board with different concepts and formulations until we got it just right.

The resulting product is, in our opinion, the most  innovative solution for pet habitat maintenance on the market today.  Cage & Toy Shield is part of our new Sugar Glider Naturals™ line of plant-based products.  For more information on this natural product line, including the kinds of ingredients we use and do not use in these products, see About Sugar Glider Naturals.

Our testing process was quite rigorous.  After thoroughly cleaning and drying the cage, we sprayed the product on  the cage bars & pan, toys and food cups.  As it is completely non-toxic, even feeding cups can be sprayed to prevent food from sticking and bacteria from building up.  From there, we went on to aggressively splatter enormous amounts of apple sauce, baby food and yogurt on the cage.  It was fun playing the role of sugar gliders and getting to have our own food fights, for a change!

We moved it outside under the hot Florida sun to let all the goop bake on for 24 hours.  When we returned to the cage, the applesauce had mostly slid right off, but the tiny amount left wiped away easily with a dry wipe (no pressure required).  The baby food, normally very difficult to remove, mostly came off with a dry wipe; and a dampened wipe easily removed the rest.  The yogurt didn't stick at all - it actually trickled right down the side of the cage.  After a quick and easy cleanup, we once again were left with a gleaming habitat.

For 7 days, we followed the same aggressive splattering process, leaving the cage out under the baking sun around the clock.  And each day, cleanup was quick and easy - 3 minutes tops!  And while the gleaming finish felt slightly slick, it never had an oily or greasy coating.  Getting this properly formulated in the lab required a LOT of tweaking because we weren't about to allow our sugar gliders to feel like "sugar sliders" on coated areas!

Here at SunCoast, we're also using it on food bowls and toys for all our other pets too.  It even works great on kitchen backsplashes, bathroom tile and sinks all over the house!  After all, less time housecleaning leaves more time for bonding and playing with those suggies!  YAY!!!


This product should only be used on a clean surface.  So if your suggie habitat / toys / food cups, etc. have missed some cleanings, be sure to clean them well first.  Remove all stuck-on goops, oops and poops from the troops first!  Once surfaces are clean, shake the Cage & Toy Shield bottle well and spray over all target surfaces you wish to protect.  When spraying areas on the cage where your gliders create heavy soiling (for example, near food cups) you may want to spray the bars all the way to the bottom of cage since soil will tend to slide down the cage bars and stick to unprotected areas underneath the target area.

The product will last 5 - 7 cleanings, depending on how wet the soiled surfaces get.  You can tell when it's time to re-apply because surfaces will become noticeably more difficult to wipe grime from.  Once you start using this product, you will be amazed at how quick and easy your cleanings will be!  In general, this cleaning process should not take more than a couple of minutes.

Your "weekly cleaning" will require a cleanup with your current cleaner.  You should find this full cleaning  noticeably quicker after using this product.  Once all areas to be treated are clean and dry, shake the Cage & Toy Shield bottle well, and lightly spray on target surfaces. 

Cage & Toy Shield also provides an anti-corrosive barrier, so using it regularly means less concern about the cage finishes breaking down over time.  This product should be stored where the temperature does not exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit for long periods of time.

About Plant Extracts

These products contain a proprietary blend of non-toxic, naturally occurring plant extracts that eliminate bacteria, leaving areas naturally clean and odor free.  Completely safe for all and protect the health of you, your pets and the environment.  Free from chemicals, carcinogens,  artificial fragrances and nauseous fumes, those with allergies, chemical and / or respiratory sensitivities can use these products without worry.  Simply, just a better way to maintain the sugar glider habitat.

Enjoy your extra down time away from cleaning!

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