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Bonding & Sleeping Pouch Combo: Black

From Arnold's 'On Trend' Line...

SunCoast is excited to offer a contemporary design on the "bleeding edge of fashion" to our line of sugar glider pouches.  Whether you and/or your sugar gliders are fashion savvy, love the hottest trends or just like to be expressive with symbolism and style, it's a fun, fresh way to be hip without spending a small fortune.  And hey, if you don't yet own a suggie, there's no reason you can't clip a sleeping pouch on your belt hoops for a night on the town!  After all, where else can you get a cute little bag on the pulse of fashion for under $20?!

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This Sleeping Pouch is made of warm fleece, the very best fabric for a sugar glider pouch, and 100% machine washable.  Why do you need a Sleeping Pouch?  The Bonding Pouch serves to speed up the socialization and bonding process when your glider is young.  It also is a nifty and safe way to carry your glider around!  But when the bonding pouch is hanging open in the cage, your sugar glider may chew on the zipper.  The babies aren't inclined to do that, but as they get older, it could happen.  This would not only ruin your bonding pouch, but would not be safe for the glider.  So, if you use the bonding pouch to assist in the acclimation period, make it a temporary thing, and have a sleeping pouch on hand to use when acclimation (bonding) is complete.

Meeting our strict standards for premium quality and safety, hanging loops are safely sewn to each side of the pouch.  Through each loop is a nylon clip that will not rust or corrode.  These are much easier to clip and un-clip than a metal pear clip with a screw-type barrel you have to fiddle with.  The clips also have a weight-spreading flange that reduces stress and fraying on the hanging loops when compared with the thin metal clips.

When shopping other glider stores, ask what the clips, chains, or other metal items are made of.  Wrong answers include "I dunno", "it says on the package they are zinc plated" (includes most shiny hardware store items), or "galvanized metal".  You want any bare metal items in a glider cage to be nickel plated or stainless steel.

The clips are safely attached on each side of the pouch for easy hanging in any type of cage.  The professional design of the pouch is open, providing sugar gliders easy access in and out, unlike drawstring type pouches that tend to close up when the gliders are inside.  The pouches have been glider-tested in our quality assurance lab to ensure safety and quality.

These pouches are spacious and there is plenty of room for multiple sugar gliders.  The opening is easy to access by the sugar gliders’ human companions.  Adult-size hands can easily reach in with out having to unhook, untie, or unbunch to get to the ones they love.  These pouches also have four important safety features you will not find in many other pouch products:

* Inside seams and side loops have been double sewn to prevent exposure to loose threads, which can wrap around limbs and cause severe injury.

* The corners are "boxed" to prevent the pouch from collapsing inward and crowding the sugar glider space, creating plenty of safety-first sleeping room.

* The pouch hangs vertically, which sugar gliders seem to prefer to the horizontal pouch designs. It feels more natural and provides a warm, cozy environment familiar and safe for our little marsupial friends.

* Nylon clips are easy to use, washable, won't rust or corrode, and reduce wear on the pouch hanging loops

This pouch is perfect for gliders coming home for the first time.  Sugar gliders need a safe sleeping area to feel the trust and security from the beginning.  Just hang the pouch open in the cage.  Show your sugar glider where it is.  Now prepare for lots of future games of peek-a-boo and know that your sugar glider is warm, safe and happy in a Sleeping Pouch.

Consider getting two of these well made products so you always have a clean one ready on pouch laundry day. Professionally sewn with pride and love in the U.S.A.

And don't forget to also get a Bonding Pouch for safe glider transportation outside the cage and a faster bonding process with your glider.

  • Weight 6 oz.
  • Size: 8 in x 6 in x 4 in

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